Low quality photo on a baseball field?

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So what makes this a "Low Quality Photo" in your eyes

Large baseball field at prince drewy park

Clinton Township MI



Rejection Criteria

Low Quality Photo


baseball field on east side of Prince Drewy park


22013 Quinn Rd, Clinton Twp, MI 48035, USA

Supplemental Information

This is the larger of 2 fields at park. It is the one on the east side. As you can see from the supplemental this field is part of the park


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    To be honest if you hadn't told me it was a baseball field I'd never have guessed that. Looks like the remains of an old barn fenced off on some wasteland.

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    I don’t see the grounds for rejection in that image. It looks clear, square, and perfectly centered to me. I guess you could be a little closer, but that doesn’t alter the acceptability. Assuming the pin was correct, this looks like it should have been a slam dunk.

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    It's the second photo you used, the first one is totally fine and anybody who says they can't understand it's a baseball field needs their wayfarer reviewing revoked.

    The second photo is far away, I can clearly tell what it is, it's probably just people who care about their review rating, it is indeed a bad photo, just take a better photo. Perhaps inside the baseball area facing the fence, you took one on the outside, put one on the inside.

    Also maybe include some kind of history on it for people to search up, or add a google photosphere.

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    A friend and I stopped by and he used an upgraade to resubmit its in.

    We did tweak a couple things but I can't cut and paste from his.

    Tweak 1: We took the main photo from inside the field looking toward the backstop, rather than from outside looking toward the backstop

    Tweak 2: @flatmatt-PGO we mentioned the field hadnt got its park upkeep yet but that there was new metal bleechers installed that were way newer than the dugout wood benches. ((which you can barely tell in old photo but you could in new)

    Tweak 3: @Normies69-PGO the 2nd photo or supplemental I took from way back to show the park's parking lot was in front and connected to the park rather than the field being part of the school that is next to the park. We did reverse the supplemental photo to show the park from other side. to make the same point so maybe it helped.

    So basically some of the comments were taken into account. Probably should have passed the first time really. But C'est la vie... its in now.

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    Outside of the USA and Japan, baseball isn't a very well known or played sport. I'm in the UK and have never seen a baseball field in real life - I've only seen them on TV, in movies and in pictures. What may be obvious as a backstop to you may not be so obvious to other reviewers on an international forum, so just bear that in mind before you criticise people for not recognising something that may seem commonplace to you.

    I'm glad it got accepted. Probably shouldn't have needed the resubmission as you said, but it got there in the end and that's what counts.

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    Hopefully your second attempt will work, but just-in-case if not, here's something to consider for a third. The first picture above (the closer one) is great. I wouldn't mention the lack of park upkeep (don't draw attention to a negative) - but I would mention the new bleachers in the Supporting, like, "For the 2022 season, we have new metal bleachers!" ("New" is relative, so define it.) Maybe include bleachers in one of the pictures.

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