Location edit and title/description

Hi, I'm fairly new to Wayfarer and recently started to review.

I passed the test about 5/6 days ago but I noticed, while I was reviewing, that most of location edits were sent in with a title/description edit asking where it needed to be moved, why and, sometimes, even which exact location to pick in case multiple location changes were submitted.

At first I was confused, so I went back and read the rules about location edit and find out that's abuse, so I started to report them as abuse by using the link at the bottom and saying that there was an attempt of influencing reviewers by editing the title or the description to indicate which location to pick.

First question. Does reporting this behavior as an abuse actually works?

I'm asking this because a few days ago I got a beautiful graffiti art on a wall but at the same time there was a description edit with it that indicates what was the correct location.

I reported it as an abuse, today I got it again and I noticed that the edit was accepted but someone asked to move it again from where the graffiti it's actually located.

I'm probably getting 5/6 requests like those every 25-30 review, but as I said before, almost every location edits has a title/location change attached with it.

More questions. Can Niantic let us review the location alone without title/description? Or, if that's not possible and a single report from a user is not enough for triggering a flag, what can I do? Keep reporting? Or there's another way to report that behavior? Or, maybe, can Niantic do something about that?

Because here it seems to be a normal thing to do, and honestly even if I had to report all of them one by one it would be discouraging.


  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 3,780 Ambassador

    It’s influencing reviewers, so is abuse. Keep marking it as so.

    Usually location edits are done for the benefit of one game, without caring about how it affects the other games.

  • X0bai-PGOX0bai-PGO Posts: 1,620 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You are doing the right thing. Good job reading and referencing criteria and coming to the correct conclusion about this behavior. Continue to report this as abuse.

    Does Niantic take action on these reports? I have my doubts, but some Wayfarers do get warnings from time to time, so… maybe? Regardless of what Niantic does with the information we send them, all we as Wayfarers can do is our best.

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