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New "Big Flower" wayspots are not syncing into Pikmin Bloom

AisforAndis-INGAisforAndis-ING Posts: 1,059 Ambassador

For several weeks (possibly months?) new "Big Flowers" have not been syncing into Pikmin Bloom when eligible Wayspots are approved.

It does appear that Big Flowers wayspots that have their locations moved are having their locations updated in-game in Pikmin Bloom, and that Big Flower wayspots that are removed from Niantic's Lightship database are being removed from Pikmin Bloom, and that newly accepted wayspots can result in your Pikmin finding a Post Card for that location.

Despite the above, newly accepted wayspots are not appearing in-game as Big Flowers, even in locations where there are no other wayspots for miles, and they should meet the requirements to appear in Pikmin Bloom.

I am not sure if this bug also applies to new Mushrooms but I would assume it does as well.

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