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    The trend in Japan seems to be that even if a product meets the criteria for approval, it is often rejected based on the judgment of the examiner. For example, even if an item is important in a region, it is impossible to judge it without knowing the region. Also, even if an item meets the approval criteria based on personal judgment, it is likely to be rejected based on other disapproval criteria. In addition, the place to be assigned for review is not always your own place, but is basically a different place even if it crosses over two prefectures or is registered as a bonus spot. I think this is to prevent people from committing illegal acts such as approving something they submitted themselves. So, I would like to know what you think about the judges' personal decision to stamp a seal of rejection on a PokéStop even if it meets the approval criteria (which is more like obstructing the creation of a PokéStop), and how such opinions are resolved on a global scale.

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    You don't seem to have taken my previous advice correctly.

    Even if a candidate qualifies as a wayspot, approval rates vary greatly based on title, description, supplemental information, location, and photos.

    To give you a simple example, playground equipment in a park is not approved individually. If it is too close, it will not be viewed even if approved. There are many cases where something that could be interpreted as seemingly good is a mass-produced item or a chain store. Wayspot that can''t be located will almost always be rejected.

    If you think you will be rejected even though you are a qualified candidate, this forum is the place to ask for advice.

    You can ask for advice there.

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    My posts have often been unfairly judged.

    Did the unreasonable judge not read the contents properly? Is it because you don't understand what it means? Or is it intended to interfere with approval...? The reasons for the denial are so terrible that I am deeply offended.

    There are cases where poor applications such as vending machines of major companies everywhere and concrete piles installed by land acquisition for civil engineering projects are approved, and the competence of the judges is wide ranging, so it is frustrating.

    When you post again, I think you have to show the grounds for the reasons for denial and crush them one by one. 

    Even so, those who drop it will drop it unreasonably.

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