Are concrete markers a legitimate POIs?

Robert4444-INGRobert4444-ING Posts: 799 ✭✭✭✭

Dozens of the same POIs. The markers are not geodetic but telecommunication (they mark the location of a telephone line or fiber optic cable). I understand that since they somehow got past the Wayfarer vote they don't meet the criteria for removal, but people who vote "yes" should lose the ability to submit and rate. I am disgusted with the level of POIs. They shouldn't be pokestops/portals in my opinion.,18.383903,18.385913,18.386972,18.388404,18.391994,18.392539,18.393008,18.393541,18.395404,18.39635,18.396614,18.40998,18.412206,18.413794,18.414429,18.414291,18.414307,18.414235,18.413726,18.416202,18.420384,18.416236,18.41906,18.42647,18.428774,18.430756,18.432488,18.432404

It is just one small village. Everything within a 5 km radius... How do such things get through? :-(


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