Reviews - satellite location of pin does not match street view location of pin

I was going through some reviews of a couple of wayspot submissions and in two cases it was clear that the pin location from the overhead review was correct - but when at the "Location Accuracy" review in both cases the pin was shown as being in a location which was wrong

One case it was on a tree about 4 meters from the actual tree , in the satellite the pin was on the correct tree , readily identifiable as the submission showed the tree in the corner of a fence which was visible on the satellite

The second item was a mural outside , the satellite pin was in the carpark , but the location review pin was on the inside of a shop

Should these be rejected as 1 star as the location review pin is wrong even though "nominate a new location shows the overhead pin in the correct location ? This is what I did

I cannot see a history of my reviews to include these in this discussion



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