Why was this Nomination Rejected


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    the rejection reasons tell you why.

    title or description: "I'm surprised that nobody nominated this" should not be in there. don't get meta in the description, and you don't need to add that in your supporting info, either. just remove it.

    low quality photo: the fountain is cut off so you only see part of it. take a photo using landscape mode and get the whole fountain in there. try not to get a bunch of extra stuff that isn't part of the wayspot, like the ground and the tree.

    edit: i assumed you were nominating the fountain based on the photo, but i guess you are nominating the pergola? if so, it still isn't the best photo

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    As others mentioned already, focus your main photo on your nomination (so it will be all visible on photo) and don't mention in title or description any reference to nominating or any games, and it should be accepted.

    I'm not sure what you nominated, but from your description it seems that dolphin statue from fountain is already a POI and you wanted to nominate something else near it?

    If I'm correct, and you didn't want nominate a fountain, it would be good to see what exactly you wanted to nominate - if it's this gazebo/pergola that is near fountain, try focusing your photo on it.

    But I just mention, as it seems to be very close to Doplhin fountain - it might be too close to appear in any game, and even if accepted might become only Lightship database POI. But as I'm not sure what exactly you wanted to nominate, this is just my guess for an advice.

  • SparkyWingz-PGOSparkyWingz-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭

    I was nominating the gazebo or the pergola but thanks for the advice.

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    I would reject it due to your description. If you are nominating the gazebo or pergola, focus your primary photo on that and use an appropriate title.

    Even if you did that though, if you have the stuff about "I'm surprised nobody nominated it", I would still reject. That needs to be removed.

  • OneFromTheSky-PGOOneFromTheSky-PGO Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Description and photo quality, without a shadow of a doubt!

  • dman41689-PGOdman41689-PGO Posts: 177 ✭✭✭

    ok get a better picture of the fountain because the one you have is low quality. second are you kidding me with that description? "I'm surprised nobody nominated this before" is not a description

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