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The following Wayspots are all located on the same festival site. The following wayspots all certainly existed at some point, but were only temporary exhibits, if at all. As you will discover, 90% of the wayspots on the site no longer exist. Reporting everything individually would take forever.

Please bear with me that I was not always able to take photos everywhere, because at a festival there are of course always crowds of people somewhere and people are camping and barbecuing etc.

Betonblock mit Graffiti (53.301513,12.733457)

Love Peg (53.302386,12.732595)

Seeungeheuer Fusion Gelände (53.302295,12.731521)

Casbah (53.302969,12.732869)

As you can see, the gate now has a different lettering. That means even if you submit a new photo, the title would still be wrong.

Wegweiser "Wohin Du Willst" (53.303557,12.732702)

Holzskulptur Menschen

Current Location: 53.305654,12.734347

Correct Location: 53.305709, 12.734236

Graffiti an Hauswand (53.305576,12.734105)

Permanently removed. There is no longer a hut.

Hängematte An Stahlrohrkonstruktion (53.305806,12.733825)

The title says the wayspot is the hammock on the structure. The only problem is that there are no more hammocks hanging there. So the wayspot should be removed or the hammock part should be removed from the title.

Holzrakete. (53.307337,12.733785)

Small Fly (53.30829,12.734157)

Permanently removed. I couldn't take a picture there because people were camping there. I don't take pictures of strangers because that would cause me to have trouble explaining things and cause problems.

Goldener Stein Fusiongelände (53.309101,12.734836)

That's nothing special. This was just a normal stone that was painted with gold paint. Now the color has gone and it's just a regular stone again. Again, I didn't take any photos because people were camping there.

Unterstand mit gedrehter Dachkuppel (53.309309,12.734729)

Indianischer Hochsitz (53.309903,12.735494)

Marterpfahl (53.310031,12.735478)

Graffiti Fusion 2014 (53.309017,12.737758)

Fusion Rakete (53.309255,12.737816)

Rakete am Platz der Kosmonauten (53.311217,12.735769)

Woods Lady (53.311358,12.740222)

Wuerfel (53.311335,12.738568)

Kuckucksuhr (53.311996,12.738983)


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