As we edge slowly towards Wayfarer 5.0, what’s the one thing you’d want from it?

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The most recent Release Notes have us at 4.8;

So what’s the one thing you’d want to see on Wayfarer in the next big update of 5.0?


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    I'd look at the user scripts that many of us run. They can't won't tell us anything about cells, so the user script that lets us see cells won't happen. But the scripts that make reviewing easier are a no brainer.

    I'm not sure how they would do it, but they have got to try for better usage of rejection reasons. There is a user script that shows what the rejection reason means as you're selecting it. That might be a good place to start.


    Withdraw things In Voting or things In Appeal. (Plus all the fixes they've promised already.)

    I'd like better filtering in this window. Right now it's a simple checkbox - it would be nice to have some basic operators so I could see Upgraded and Not Accepted. Right now that will show me all things that have been Upgraded and all things that were Not Accepted. I might just want to look at the things I Upgraded but were Not Accepted to get a feeling for what types of nominations the larger reviewing audience doesn't like (or the things I need to improve).

    For those of us with a long submission history, it might be nice to be able to hide some submissions. Like if I withdrew submissions and later resubmitted and got them approved, I typically don't want to see the Withdrawn versions of those. If I could check a box to hide them and then have a setting that says "Don't show hidden contributions," that would help my list look cleaner. Those hidden nominations are still there and I can see them any time I want by unchecking the new setting. This could also see be accomplished through a better filtering system described above. But if that's how it was handled, I would then want to apply a default filter that would be persistent to my account and follow me between phone and PC.

    We need some baked in translation services. I don't have to worry about this too terribly much but I know the European countries are presented with nominations in foreign languages pretty often. Without the user scripts that make it easy to translate, I don't know how they do it. I would want to skip a lot of them but we can only skip 3 per day.

    Home/Bonus Locations:

    These features make no sense to me. I don't understand why I can't ever reset my Home location, ever ever ever. And only being able to change my bonus location once per year is cumbersome. I have not done it (except through Challenges) because I don't want to commit to that long of a change. I did set my home location to a place that I kinda think of as home but at some point I might tire of reviewing there.

    TBH, my biggest struggle is that I want to get constructive feedback to the people who make either horrible or almost good contributions. I don't think there will ever be a way to do this through WF, but I wish there was some WF Scholar program we could go through that would allow us to get messages through.

    "This statue at the fire station is in too risky of a location because there's only one driveway leaving the fire station. Game players can easily be stuck in the driveway trying to leave when an emergency happens. We do not want trucks having to negotiate around players' cars."

    "The photo of this nomination is of the mural but the title and description refers to the generic business. Resubmit with the mural as the title and description and this should sail through."

    "This mural is eligible but since you did not show it in the supplemental photograph and there's no street view or satellite view of it, I can only assume that you're intentionally placing it in the wrong spot. Please resubmit with proof that it exists in this location. Try using a 360 photosphere if that is your only way to prove it."

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    Well, I wrote a long comment this morning but then immediately edited it to fix a typo and it disappeared. This website is ****.

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    let us see our edits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want up-to-date guidance about criteria to be displayed on the screen during the review process based on the "What is it?" category.

    I want this on the submission side as well as the review side.

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    This is rather minor but it would be nice if after you click on an image you're reviewing to enlarge it you could then click the area around it to minimize it. That's how it used to work but now doing that just opens the image in another tab which is inconvenient.

    Unfortunately what I actually expect out of 5.0 is for them to create the problem that 5.1 fixes.

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    it should never have gotten to "Wayfarer 4.8".

    They should have stopped this and redo the whole thing, and relaunch as something else.

    Today we would have something like "1.4" of something that is actually working.

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    Given the latest releases, I'm afraid about requesting any new feature or fix.

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    Everything above I see as a priority. What I want besides those it's a small thing, the showcase should show the 3 most voted wayspots in the area in the week. Sometimes it is awful stuff, I don't understand. Again it's a small pet peeve I wouldn't put it in an AMA.

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    Frankly I would ditch showcase.

    it was a nice idea in theory - but in practice it is of no use.

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    I don't know how feasible this is, but I'd like the "check for duplicates" map that we see during reviewing to operate more smoothly. If you're reviewing a wayspot in a dense area, it can take the map a while to load all the other wayspots, and then when they are loaded, the map is very sluggish if you're trying to move it at all. It can also have a knock on effect when scrolling through the rest of the page.

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    I may be alone in this sentiment, but I LIKE the Showcase despite all its flaws. It's always a treat to see my own nominations featured, or those of my friends! I would love, though, the ability to see Showcases from other review areas much like I can see Scores or even Recent Historical Scores from other cells in Ingress Prime. Since I do tend to make weekend trips to submit outside my review area, I know I've most likely missed some of my own Showcase entries because I only see a single Showcase from my home area.

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    I’ve never seen a showcase within 50 miles of me, and most of them are unremarkable (generic trail markers, apartment complex playgrounds, baseball backstops), so IMO the showcase offers nothing. It could just as well go away and that would be fine.

    All I hope for from 5.0 is a minimum of new bugs. I’m not confident that I’ll get my wish.

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    Just waiting on 'yes no maybe' reviewing & in-game notifications about joining wayfarer, we need more reviewers.

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    I'd like to see reviewing of reports for invalid wayspots and duplicates by the wayfarer community as well. Might help to clean the database a lot

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