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Wouldn't it be nice to have a feature to edit a point of interest that doesn't show in pogo, but shows in other Niantic games? When you know how cells work, it'd be nice to move a "p.o.i" that doesn't show in pogo especially if you were the one who submitted it but someone moved it not knowing about cells?


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    You could do so, by playing Ingress if it appears there.

    But usually the only time people are trying to move a Wayspot is to make its location less accurate so that it appears on Pokémon GO.

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    It’s worth noting that they’re not “Dead POI” just because they don’t appear in the game you play. There’s not just Pokémon GO. We have;

    • Ingress Prime
    • Pikmin Bloom
    • Peridot
    • Transformers: Heavy Metal

    where the Wayspots could appear, so even if it doesn’t show up in Pokémon GO, it could be in one of those.

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    I consider it a dead poi for pogo and pogo only. I understand all the above, but don't play ingress and you have to have been playing for awhile(level 10?) to move such poi. Small rural areas don't make it easy for ingress. In the scanning feature for pogo it Clearly says they're used in other Niantic games. I played wizards for like 3 days and noticed these other poi's through that game as the stop submissions weren't in pogo at the time. It'd just be nice if wayfarer or pogo itself allowed us to do such features. No?

    Also note I said people who understand cells. Not everyone is manipulating stops for inaccurate benefit.

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    Yes, you’d have to get to level 10, but that’s an option if you really want to make location edits from a game.

    I would disagree, being from a rural area. I’ve managed to add plenty of Portals and Stops.

    For Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the cells were set at 18 so they got more. But it’s down to the developers of the game. For Pokémon GO, it’s been decided by Pokémon Company International and perhaps with input from GAME FREAK & Nintendo as to the cell sizes they think work. The Wayfarer team can’t change that.

    Not everyone, sure. But easily 95-98% of the location edits I see on reviews, are people moving it solely to benefit Pokémon GO at the expense of other games.


    You state these things like I haven't done research, truly I feel like you're portraying me to be a part of that 95-98% you say. All I'm saying is a button to edit these other poi's that don't appear in go would be nice, specifically if you're the card holder to that poi. Why wayfarer can't add that, but can edit in all sorts of other ways sounds ignorant. I placed the poi perfect and someone moved it literally 5 feet to be directly on top of the poi taking it out of an open cell, situations like that are why it'd be nice to have that button. Also pogo has more downloads and than ingress, just saying.

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    Still not worth a reason to ask every Wayspots should appear in Pokemon GO only. To be fair, since the introduction of Lightship, not every Wayspots are also appear in Ingress.


    I'm not asking for them ALL to appear. You people are like talking to a wall. I'm done with this community 🙃

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    Okay, bye 👋

    You seem very focused on just one game, which is not really what’s needed if you’re nominating things and I don’t think I implied you were within that 95-98% of abusive location edits.

    Doesn’t really matter if Pokémon GO has more downloads either. 🤷

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    To be fair, he didn't give us the specifics. If his original location was "Valid" then Reviewers should not move it because he took his time to make the submission.

    As an example, take a playground. Its big. It might be 20 feet by 20 feet. If you place on any edge that is a perfectly valid placement if reviewers decided it should be "Dead Center" that's really an unacceptible reviewer move.

    Same thing say a basketball court. If someone placed it off the court behind the backboard and took the picture from that angle, and reviewers moved it too off center court. Thats unfair reviewing.

    Now if the pin is 5' off the structure.... Im with you. But if location is valid... then reviewers should not move it

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