Mismatched Photos in Review Queue – The Way Community Church

This one popped up in my review queue - something's up here but I don't have enough info to be sure what exactly it is – either the church has rebranded or there are two different churches in close proximity, and the uploads were mismatched. I can see a Google Maps location for "Highway Palo Alto Community in Christ" on the map, but the wayspot title is "The Way Community Church." Signs in the photos differ between the two.


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    Just saw a name edit for the same wayspot, new suggested name "Highway Palo Alto Community in Christ". Pretty sure that more or less confirms that the church has rebranded or the Highway Community church has moved into the old building.

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    Also, question for @NianticVK / @NianticAtlas (whichever one of you happens to review this, sorry for pinging you both)

    I see this sort of thing (photos of two different objects) quite often when I get photo submissions in the review queue – I assume this happens primarily in cases similar to this one where an object has been significantly changed/replaced, or a mural has been painted over, etc., but there isn't enough information on the photo review page to tell which photo is up-to-date, or distinguish between an updated object and a random, unrelated photo in some cases.

    Obviously the long-term solution would be to upgrade the review page (I have some concrete suggestions but this isn't the place.), but in the short term how should I handle these cases? Post them here like I have for this one? Leave a comment and reject all / accept all photos? Just skip?

    Just want to make sure I'm handling things in the way which helps you guys best. Cheers!

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