Book stores?

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In the past I had been advised against nominating or approving book stores since they are businesses. I’ve been seeing them nominated lately. Not really great descriptions, very basic “local book store.” I feel like they do fulfill aspects of criteria. They’re great places to explore, meet people, find information and stories that expand one’s perspectives and abilities, promote education, find and look at a variety of published art(old and new in a variety of formats); and you don’t seem to see them around as often as you used to. Plus a lot of them tend to have sitting areas and/or coffee available if they don’t also have a coffee shop. Some even have events like poetry readings. Also, with the newer additions like dance and martial arts studios, gyms, as well as movie theaters; it seems like they should fit into the current field of acceptable candidates well. I would like to hear what people think about that as well as @NianticGiffard and other admins.


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    @Losifer026-ING Bookstores that serve as a community hub in some way are certainly eligible as unique local businesses. I would probably approve one if it had a storied history, if the local poetry club and science fiction club met there regularly, if they regularly had readings and children's story hours, or if there was something else about it that made it uniquely interesting.

    A no-brainer example of a bookstore that would qualify is City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. A less famous one would be Kepler's in Menlo Park, CA, for their events and active community engagement.

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    Would music stores fall under the same category as book stores? I've nominated one now twice that goes back over a century, and has an interesting story, but it's been rejected twice.

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    A case could be made, the really critical part is to present that case well to be people who are unaware of the shop.

    Why don’t you post pictures of your full nominations in the nomination improvement section to see if reviewers can help with how you are making the case.

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    They weren’t my nominations, just ones I’ve seen while reviewing. I just think they should be acknowledged as an official category because their attributes seem to fit what Niantic wants. They’re great places even if the ones I saw weren’t great nominations.

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    In the day an age of e books and bookstore chains, if there was a book store that was locally unique, I'd be encouraged to accept it, if only for the rarity of finding one

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    All the great things you list could be true at any given bookstore. But also there are bookstores that don't do any of those things. You can't assume a nomination does any of that without proof.

    The nominator can tell you what happens there, or you could look it up online and see. If you choose to look it up, just realize that (1) most reviewers won't look it up, and (2) the nominator didn't care enough to look it up.

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