Restore wayspot: Varasvuoren kuntorata

Title of the Wayspot: Varasvuoren kuntorata

Location: 60.460066, 22.724768

City: Paimio

Country: Finland

Alvar Aallontie 208, 21540 Paimio

Intel link to the portal:,22.724687&z=15&pll=60.46009,22.724687

Additional information: This wayspot is missing since 17.5.2022. It is a trail marker to the nearby exercise track to instruct people interested in it, to take a different route as those who want to play frisbeegolf (as seen in the "trail_frisbee" picture and "parking" picture. It only came online 2 weeks ago on 5th of May and now it was removed. There are two quite similar trail markers close to each other, but both are unique. This particular one was duplicated to the other one at least 3 times before it got accepted - even though the two clearly point to different directions and have different backgrounds.

Note that the trail markers and new frisbeegolf tracks were put in place H2/2021 so they don't show in Google street view since it's been 13 years when it was taken last time in the area.

Please bring it back, thank you.

Attached a few images, 1 of the portal view in Ingress via key, after the portal was removed yesterday and the rest showing real world location taken today by me when jogging past the location.



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