Language filters or dictionaries for descriptions in POI?


"Are we supposed to use Google translate to translate a description to numerous languages and try to guess what letters or words that make up one or more banned words in languages we probably don't even speak?"

Submitting new POI or editing exsisting ones - Good descriptions should matter, or?

I haven't submitted a lot of POI, but when I do, I make an effort to give a good description of the POI. It is something that I appreciate when others do or have done as well. I've also added descriptions to older POI's that didn't have any description at all. When adding a description I make sure to do a fair bit of research and I write the description in a note app so that I can copy and paste it into the edit/submission. Of course, not all POI can contain a thorough description - trailmarkers and the likes of them have a somewhat limited potential when it comes to descriptions.

Now, I see that adding a description is a reoccurring source of frustration, and I absolutely get it! It is nearly impossible to figure out what words that cause the error message "POI contains one or more banned words"

Background: I edited the description of an already exsisting POI cos it didn't have a description and the POI has a rather amusing name with a historical background. The name is "Fantekjerringkollen" (The Vagabond hag hillock) Fant(e) = Vagabond/Landlouper, kjerring = hag, kolle(n) = (a/the) hillock"

I wrote the description in Norwegian, and it obviously contained one or more banned words. I used the words fant/fantefølge, kjerring/kjerringa and those were my first suspects, but no. I changed several more words as well, but i changed them back each time I got the error message. The last thing I changed was this: "Et flott turmål som åpner for videre utforskning av Gulsetmarka og Vestmarka." (A great hiking destination that opens for further exploration in the Gulset and Vestmarka woodlands" to this "Et flott turmål som åpner for lengre turer i Gulsetmarka og Vestmarka" ( A great hiking destination that opens for longer tris/hikes in the Gulset and Vestmarka woodlands)

Additional translations: Gulset is the name of the neighbourhood/suburb. Vest = West. Marka = woodlands/fields.

As far as I can see, none of the words I used translates to any banned word in English, and they can't be put together to form any banned words (from the last letters in one word and the first letters in the next.) What other languages am I supposed to check? Are we supposed to use Google translate to translate the description to numerous languages and then try to figure out what combinations of words and letters that may form one or more banned words? How many languages are we supposed to keep track of and why should we have to take measures to avoid banned words that are not even slightly obvious in our native language? When submitting a POI in Norway, it seems pointless to consider any potential banned words in languages we don't even speak.

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