Unable to edit appeal posts (pending approval). Troll(s) rejected now 7 noms in less than 24 hours.

I stopped nominating a while ago. I review instead while friends nominate. I've earned quite a few upgrades since.

Due to advice in another thread, we went out & I nominated about 15 eligible wayspots. There are similar (and active) ones up now, so these are are also eligible. I upgraded all of them.

1 was approved but 7 were rejected by a troll that has been attempting to block this neighborhood and the other from having anything for over 2 years. They end their main accounts in CP4, one is DM4, and there are a few oddball ones used to pretend to be actual other people. I'm sure you can find them in threads, I am too tired to look after posting appeals (the appeal button doesn't seem to exist on the contributions management page).

Because the appeal process format requests a photo, all of my appeal posts are pending. I can't add a comment or edit until someone approves them. Not sure why it's taking this long for the 1st one. Here is a list of the names of the rejected nominations & their reasons, and why they're eligible. You can confirm these on my page:

-Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #8 - Natural Feature / Orientation - To get a good shot of the path sign, we got the fence but you can see the path behind the fence (and trash can). The supporting photo resolves this, IF the reviewer actually reviewed.

-Saddlebrook East Groved Rest Area - Natural Feature / Private Residence - It's of a grove with a sign that says "playground" with benches around it. It's clearly not on residential property and the benches are not fallen logs or bench-shaped trees.

-Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #3 - Duplicate - The one near (#2) it is CLEARLY across the street. The street is quite wide so even if going by cells, would still work as they're the only 2 there.

-Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #2 - Duplicate - The actual #2 is a few minute walk away down the path, but I did typo the name. Should be #1. Regardless, I've seen 2 stops, different locations, have matching names, but clearly one was meant to be another number. Easy edit fix once is active and it should be "approve it first then edit name later".

-Saddlebrook West Bike Path #10 - Low Quality Photo / Other Rejection Criteria - Quality of photo is crystal. There is nothing confusing about this. You have to be trolling or clearing through as many as possible to try and find yours.

-Hang-Stretch Workout Station - Temporary or Seasonal Display / Not historically or culturally significant - Really?!?!? It's an exercise station and they are EXTREMELY culturally significant.

-Saddlebrook West Bike Path #2 - Location Inappropriate / Other Rejection... - Location is perfect. It's legit at the right spot as I was told to stand where the thing is when dropping the pin. Did just that.

Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #6 is in voting but will be rejected for being on hot lava or something ridiculous.

Future rejections coming for these that are in queue:

Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #7 (likely on residential property, but it's not), Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #4 (duplicate because it's near another), Saddlebrook West Bike Path #11 (there is no rejection reason for this that is valid), Saddlebrook West Bike Path #9 (duplicate as it's near another), and Saddlebrook West Bike Path #7 & #6 (two nominations but near one another, both for some random reason, likely residential property, which they're not).

This is an ongoing issue, but in the work I did, ALL the nominations we were missing, I submitted, minus the pool as it's still closed. We just want to finish the neighborhoods. Isn't that the goal of all explorers and wayfarers? I vote fairly on everything. I only give lesser stars if the spelling is bad. But I don't go out of the way to reject something because of a personal bias.

Please do a mass review of my nominations. I don't want to nominate anymore. Just note though that nominations on nearby areas like the WB&A trail, which can be seen from the neighborhood, are approved, but the ones in the 2 neighborhoods are rejected for troll reasons. It has to end.

@NianticAndres @NianticAtlas @NianticCasey-ING @NianticDanbocat @NianticGiffard please fix this. This issue of one person being jealous about another player living in a neighborhood that has a lot of stuff, is ridiculous! The trolling players has real life friends that live here who benefit from these nominations. They play Ingress, GO, Bloom, and that Wizard game (or is that gone now?). There are others who live here that have stopped, or haven't even started yet.

Wayspots that point out path entrances for biking, hiking, or exercising, whatever, are great to get people to physically go check these spots out. That's the point of all this: to appreciate the real world using augmented reality as a guide.

My friends who asked me to come out and use my upgrades don't want to deal with the other issues, but I'm not that nice. The main player should have their ability to review and even submit be removed as well from the account that is supposedly their wife, 2 kids, (deceased) mother, and any friends accounts they share to do so. Not to mention the ones I was not told about, I was just told there were many. Honestly though, once all of these legitimate and completely eligible nominations are approved, then this neighborhood is finished. It's complete, and the next step would be routes.

I will add more appeal threads as the rest get rejected. I expect Exercise Path #6 to be rejected within the hour as apparently it has lasted longer than the time it took me to write this post.

If these keep getting rejected, I would like my upgrades back. If anything, I can just submit them 1 at a time and time them to go live early in the morning so the troll misses them. That's how ONE got approved at least. I do not want to be a part of any drama. I am just helping a friend & neighbor out as well as people I don't even know who also play here.


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    Of course 3 of the appeal posts appear just as I post this.

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    Saddlebrook East Exercise Path #6 was rejected for multiple reasons. Each time I refresh it it changes. It seems like every rejection option was used to reject it.

    Come on. How many more times is this going to be allowed? There is absolutely NO reason this was rejected other than someone being a troll. One person plus their methods of doing so. I have 6 more in queue. Are you going to let the other 6 be troll rejected?

    It is fair to say that I could also start rejecting local nominations for ridiculous reasons, but that doesn't make me any better. Plus, I do not have the resources to compete against the other accounts that are abuse accepting what they put in.

    I can also just submit each one over and over again. What's the max we can do at once, 30? I figure I can just do 30 of the same nomination and put them all in at once. If one gets accepted and the others get rejected, that is still a win, right?

    Please take a look at the nominations that are approved in Bowie, MD vs the ones in the areas that I've nominated in. Go ahead and look over the last 2.5 years. You'll see that most of them are rejected for ridiculous reasons and it's all one person. It's the reason I no longer nominate (except for this time) let alone play like I used to. The name of the player, ending in CP4 on multiple accounts, is ALL OVER TOWN. Then there's one in DM4, and a few others. The evidence is there. End the trolling and give everyone here a fair shot. I don't necessarily know the person. I pity them though. And I was shared a link about them admitting, on THESE forums that he would mark the nominations in this area all as duplicates (even though they weren't). It's an admission of guilt and it has not stopped. It's not going to stop until you all deal with it.

    This is why I don't like nominating, because I have to go through all this again, and I just want to put stuff in the game for others to enjoy. But you allow it, so it is your fault, and it's why wayfarer is so slow, slower than getting through the DMV. I review less because what is the point? I help others so that some person can reject anything me and my friends put up? No thank you. I give SOLID reviews, location edits, I check everything I need to check to make sure it's actually worth. I also make sure it's safe and not just "trying to get a freebie". I've even found nearby approved wayspots that should have been rejected, such as a guy sitting in front of an icecream shop, posing for the image that was the active wayspot. I looked up the name of the shop and found the coords via the intel ingress map, reported it via the google doc, and had it removed. You don't see others doing that much accuracy.

    I saw a screenshot of an active wayspot in Indonesia or Malaysia, and the image was a Lego person, I think either Green Arrow or Archer. You can tell in the darkened background that it was inside somebody's house. THAT is approved in the game and that should never have been approved.

    None of my nominations come even close to rejection. I guess the big "name signs" of neighborhoods don't count, even if they do look nice, but other than that, I'm quite accurate, and I don't obsess over cells and all that. I stand where I need to stand, phone usually gets it right, done.

    All I ask is to fix this situation or just review my nominations yourself and give accurate rejection reasons, or just approve them as there aren't reasons to reject them. All qualify because they're basically all the same. The "Groved Rest Area" I did question, but it is registered as a playground by the HOA, so it should have passed, too.

    We have an understanding in Bowie, or at least the GO players do: "If your account name does not end in CP4 then you do not have a say in what nominations get approved." People have accepted this and let him do all the work, but at the end of the day, he does not own the town, and he has gone out of his way to cause harm to my friend, the people he lives with (who also play), and others that play with him (mostly students from the nearby university that he met when attending).

    As I said, I don't like nominating, as it gets frustrating that someone can be so petty.

    I would ask, folks at Niantic, what is the appropriate action I must take or pass on to others negatively affected? Obviously not going to ask him nicely or even talk to him. But how do we get eligible nominations to be accepted in an area that one player has determined is not allowed to have anymore?

    I don't even know how to report the player as I do not want to make it public. I don't want to report it, but since they're my nominations, I would have to be the one to do it, right? I can't let someone else do it and just let them name drop me? I know it's not against the rules to submit the same one over and over again. It's how we got most of the nominations up, but if I need to sit in my car for an hour at the spot and stock up on 30 of the same one and upload so many at once, I will. Can name them all differently, but as long as one gets approved, the name can be edited back to what it should have been. But I don't want to do that because other players have legit nominations they want to be done, and they have an equal right to nominate like any player does. I just want the only ones we've been trying to get in, done. I don't plan on living here forever, and idk about anyone else here, but new people will come, and I would like for them to have something. We have a kid that's pushing a year old. Already understands the concept of holding a video game controller, pushing a button, and it makes the TV do something. So when he's old enough to actually play, I would like to enjoy the neighborhood with my partner and if his "uncle" (not by blood), still lives in the area by then, can also take him.

    We can't do this unless you step in and make Wayfarer fair for all. What about @Flicker4-PGO? I only know she lives in the East neighborhood. She has nothing to do with any of this and yet ALL of the nominations she's put in, all just as valid as mine and our friend's, have been rejected by the same person. What did she do to deserve the mistreatment? How DARE her live in the same area as some guy that the troll hates.

    Please fix this. I just want Wayfarer to be used, not abused. You have 1 account. If you nominate, you ask your friends and peers to look out for yours to upvote it. You do not, however, use multiple accounts to 100% get it approved. And you are supposed to help your community as a whole build up to get more, so everyone has something. The more players means the more wayspots are needed. Ever been in a small town with few gyms and too many players? Yeah, nobody is getting coins.

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    You cannot appeal rejected nominations on the forums.

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    I've done it before and it had success. I do not see the issue with this. Someone approved their post. This situation has been an issue for myself and others in the past.

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    It sounds like you have a problem player in your area, but because you used upgrades on these nominations, that player could not vote on them. These submissions were rejected by people in other areas of the US, maybe even Canada. Because of a bug, a lot of these random rejection reasons show up when it's marked as a duplicate by some portion of reviewers. You may have a troll problem, but that's not the cause of this round of rejections.

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    Just because an appeal was "approved" doesn't mean that the appeal has merit. Niantic mods approve any appeal post made in the appeals forums regardless of whether the appeal has merit or not. Also, because you got luck on one appeal due to an unaware Niantic employee doesn't legitimize all other nomination appeals.

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    I would recommend posting in the 'nomination feedback' forum. Please provide screenshots and locations of your nominations. It may help us provide better constructive criticism.

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    Or you don’t know as much as you think you do.

    I thought that to but 3 of my local friends including @Flicker4-PGO saw about 4 different ones. She voted on one that was approved today. Locals do see upgraded stuff.

    I don’t need to go there. More than half of the ones I’ve nominated have gone through until the player started the drama. I know what I’m doing correctly. It’s just a manner of getting more votes in before he does. He also knows because he’s reading these posts and knows what to look out for. Regardless, he knows the neighborhood and knows what pictures I put up. They’re obvious.

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    Ooo. That's interesting. Maybe in fast areas the upgrade algorithm doesn't pull in as many out-of-area voters? I always assumed it was all out of area. Is your location usually quick turnaround?

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    I do not know slow turnaround Mine are upgraded but counterpart has some older ones still pending. One I actually saw in reviewing yesterday. But my guess is that if there is an automated way that Niantic has tried to shut down for bot reviewers, then perhaps that’s how my problematic person does it? I wouldn’t know where to research that. But that’s multiple accounts doing that so I would think that helps. I only know of 1 other legit person who reviews here other than the 2 I work with. He other reviewers stopped over a year ago.

    In other news…

    We saw that my #9 was in voting. We saw it once and when we were going through starting to see familiar nominations and passed to unfamiliar ones and checked and #9 was approved. #9 was no different than the other locations that I nominated the other day and yet it got through and I know it was going against some naysayers.

    Clearly something is wrong as I’m getting some if I’m annoying friends to review and we are getting 2-3 votes in for approval. Only one of us saw #9 though so there were others who voted yes it seems.

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    I'm not sure what you want to happen here. Niantic doesn't punish reviewers. Clearly some of your nominations are getting accepted. Some are probably being rightly rejected but we've all gotten nonsense reasons for rejections. I almost don't read the reasons anymore. And upgraded nominations go to anyone who happens to be viewing at that time. A few may go to locals but the majority will go nationwide so your argument that a local person keeps rejecting it doesn't hold water.

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    If that is the standard for accepting and rejecting, then that is a bad standard. I see no difference in the rejection process from upgrading or not. We just lost another one that 4 locals confirmed they voted for approval on. It was rejected for “other”. That’s it. It didn’t change. And yet the 3 that were accepted were near it with similar submissions. If they were all bad, then they all should’ve been rejected. That’s not he case. They were all good and many were accepted previously and some currently but all should have been accepted.

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    You are correct it is a bad standard. Or to put it more correctly, there is no standard for reviewing. As a matter of fact people actually feel like they are rewarded for denying everything by getting upgrades faster. Other people for some unknown reason hold these ridiculously high standards for nominations. Perfect picture, all capital letters, an Olympian used these trails, etc.

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    I reject pictures if clearly from a car, through a fence without hiding the fence, or if obviously bad. I skip most typos in descriptions but I cringe. I add notes even though the notes section is useless. I zoom in on the map to find the spot and make sure it’s not at a school. When I reject, I copy and paste rejection criteria from the website.

    The rejections I’m getting are whatever their fingers hit. They’re not valid rejections.

    The most recent rejection, 4/5 of my group chat saw the nomination. They were able to tell when they were close to it by familiar other nominations. All 5 stars. It passed all the tests as they know the quality of my nominations. Still, it got rejected. If a small group can intentionally find it, then so can the other & their bots or whatever they use.

    If you combined all of our rejections for this area, you’ll see a pattern. Who rejects a playground for trolling & harassing? That’s how a spoiled child feels when they see something they want but can’t have. In context, the playground submitted was behind the house of one of the locals, nearly reachable from the house, too. There are many places you can walk to for the games, in these 2 neighborhoods. The troll player however lives near a small park with a raidless gym and 2 stops. We cannot control where they chose to live. But that doesn’t give them the right to cause others grief due to that jealousy.

    This is the first time we upgraded nominations mainly because I seldom nominate and they don’t review. The patterns of rejection and rejection reasons are the same.

    Oh, and we did see a couple other local wayspots when reviewing trying to get to the ones we care about. Redundant trail markers, but still eligible, just like the ones here are eligible.

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