Niantic, please teach people how to review nominations

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I'm going to keep posting these until the community learns how to properly review contributions and nominations and/or until Niantic implements a training feature to show agents how to properly use Wayfarer without wasting everyone's time. It's not my fault that people don't read instructions or care about the game enough to review contributions properly. I realize we have a handful of children on here, but that's really not an excuse to let the game go downhill. All of my Niantic reviewed appeals have gone through 100% of the time so it's just the community not knowing what they are doing and what to approve and reject. This issue will likely continue until Niantic chooses to give the community the same training it gives its employees. Community, kindly review the criteria FULLY and PROPERLY before **** something down just because you're salty or having a bad day. Don't take it out on other people just because. I'm sick of valid nominations taking 6+ months to get added to the game because the playerbase rejects it multiple times before a Niantic appeal finally goes through, overriding the objectively incorrect opinion of the players. If there are players that are mucking up the system, that issue should be addressed and FIXED. Seems like NIA just exacerbates the problem by allowing these types of players to continue reviewing contributions unchecked. Please see below:

Rejected for "Inappropriate Location" | Niantic overturned your factually incorrect assessment

Rejected the first time for "Other Rejection Criteria" - REAL SMOOTH THERE, COMMUNITY

Literally located in front of an existing waypoint... NICE! Ya'll's were really reaching with this rejection!

Nature Signs are valid. Now you know!

Ya'll's rejected this for lack of Pedestrian Access when there is a sidewalk visible in both images. This is blatant trolling and you know it. Violations like this should cost players their ability to review contributions in general. Three strikes and if you keep violating, you get locked out for longer and longer periods - first 24 hours, then 72 hours, then 7 days, then 2 weeks, then 4, then 6, then 3 months, then 6 months. Eventually people will learn how to properly review contributions and stop fooling around or move on to some other game to grief players in when they're having a bad day. It shouldn't have to be the good, hardworking players who suffer.

Located at a public church with other active waypoints. Gated.

A welcome sign for a recreation center is an "Inappropriate Location"? Hmmm... The factually incorrect nature of all these rejections SCREAMS ulterior motive. If they're actually that bad at reviewing then a solution should be implemented to prevent this kind of thing from continuing.

This nomination was rejected for "Orientation" which means the reviewer thought that the photo was crooked enough to be denied. Niantic disagreed. So say 'hello' to Bruce Rustad. For those of you who don't understand, photos can be shot at any angle so long as the subject is right-side-up. If the bench in the photo was sideways and the photo required rotation to correct it, THAT would be an example of a good rejection for "Orientation"... but this? This is just me taking a photo in portrait instead of in landscape... If you aren't able to discern the difference, you shouldn't be reviewing nominations in the first place because you don't understand what is being looked for and you're going to be **** down a handful of valid nominations and likely pushing through a bunch of invalid ones.

This bench was rejected for 'Location Inappropriate'. It is on a public golf course. Niantic approved the appeal after 6 months and the waypoint is now online.

Another Niantic appeal approval:

Ya'll's hit this one multiple times over the last 2+ years for 'Other' before it was finally brought online.

This one I might be a little more understanding of because of the images I chose, but I still maintain this is one of the more unbelievable rejections:

Rejected for: 'Location Inappropriate', Niantic disagreed and brought Tom and Kate here online:

Rejected for "Inappropriate Location", Bud Seeley was brought online by Niantic in October.

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