Returning abuse and harassment in the forum

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I am rolling a slightly older topic out, since it became relevant again. As some of you still might know, a few months ago we had a wave of toxicity coming from some Japanese players in this forum. Said players did misuse the reporting system to remove specific wayspots without showing real life location proof for the removal or even showing us they have reported them ingame and went the official removal path. Some forum users have directed these players to the rules and asked them follow the official way, one of them being me. The Japanese players, thinking their behavior was perfectly fine, have ofc developed a grudge against said forum users.

This lead to them targeting and stalking the more active users who corrected them. Me, being rather active on the forum and not being afraid of showing my playing locations, had become a valid target for them. While living on the other side of the globe, said Japanese players have tried to abuse the forum system to remove wayposts in my town without any ingame reports or ofc possibility to provide real life proof. After protests of many forum users @NianticGiffard had put a stop to those invalid reports and warned the reporters. Almost a happy ending.

Now, almost a month ago several wayspots have vanished in my home town. By no coincidence it was only the wayspots wrongly reported by one of the system abusers. No other ones were removed, but those from that one thread ( This lead me to ask @NianticGiffard if he can explain how this could have happened: was it one of the warned abusers who somehow tried again to relive the reports in his thread and which proof was this time used for the removal. @NianticGiffard today decided to respond to that by stating he will stand by the removal decisions and then closed the thread.

This goes beyond simple wayspot recreation but tackles also the topic of abuse and harassment in the forum, therefore I've created the thread in general discussion. And since there is no way to reply to the original abuse thread, I will use this thread for clarifications.

@NianticGiffard you yourself have agreed in the past that the behavior of the abusive players was wrong. The reports were not done according to the rules and real life proof was missing for their claims. In fact the reports were so wrong that already in the above linked thread users could disprove the wrong reports by stating simple facts. Further on the behavior was so abusive and harassing against me, that you decided to hand out a warning. So please answer to us: why do you enable again their harassing behavior against other forum users? You should not have touched those reports in any way as long as they don't follow the correct procedure. And furthermore, please explain to us which proof did you receive to remove legit wayspots. If you read the linked thread again you will understand again that wayspots have been removed which meet all the criteria. Adding new wayspots in this area can take multiple years. Why do you force the players to submit legit wayspots again and again because of someone's grudge?


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    There's definitely been a rise in flagrantly abusive reports (at the time of posting there's an example lower down the first page of this sub-forum) and just general flaming on this server that seems to have gone hand in hand with the staff abandoning it. This community is becoming harder and harder to stay in honestly.

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