"Incorrectly Reviewing Nominations" E-mail

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I really can't remember the last time I reviewed anything on Wayfarer. I was using Wayfarer + and when that stopped working and I couldn't zoom into my nominations to see where they were located and I just lost interest. I had been attempting to fill every cell in an area dense with eligible things to submit, so when I couldn't do that anymore I gave up. It has been at least 8 months since I have reviewed, likely longer.

Today I got an e-mail from "Kyne" saying "We have confirmed that you have been incorrectly reviewing nominations." They then suggest I look at a wayfarer support article. I mean what the heck? Is this a valid e-mail? The return address is a long series of numbers and letters followed by @11601.mail2.helpshift.com. Since I have had a great rating almost since I started as a Niantic reviewer, if this is legit it's in poor taste.


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    Maybe because you were using Wayfarer+

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    yeah niantic likes to that kind of stuff like if its 2010 or something ..''hey you are warned''' ''yeah, why?'' ''hey you are warned cya'' this is niantic conversations

    nobody will ever know not even you why you got that email, other than ''incorrectly reviewing nominations'' after that you can make 1000 guesses like ''i accepted something that shouldnt be accepted and in end it wast accepted and that happened many times and the system flagged me and someguy send an email months later''

    i had great rating too since started and suddendly went from great to the second one dont remember how is called but doesnt give me medal counter now i cant raise up to atleast the point where i can farm the medal so i stopped for that reason, no idea why i cant raise up, no idea why my rating decreased, so i just gave up and stopped, wish niantic would give information isnt like the are giving us their credit card info something like ''hey you know in your last 100 reviews, 50 were agreement and 50 not, this are examples of which were agreement and which werent'' something basic

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    Niantic had no way of detecting if someone was using Wayfarer+. All Wayfarer+ did was reformat a webpage.

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    So this email was legit? I got it also, and I have no idea who Kyne is. Is he from Niantic or just Pokemon, he called me Trainer, despite me not really identifying as a trainer in Wayfarer at all.

    I thought I was doing pretty good with Wayfarer, with 9,126 agreements out of 12,256 reviews, with a Great rating, also nearly 900 Wayspots of my own approved, I was actually insulted by this email. It wouldn't be so bad if he actually told me what I was doing wrong. It's probably over rejecting or skipping too much. But, to be honest, I've been doing this as long as anyone, I try to take pride in the Portal Network with both my Reviews and my Nominations. I can't bring myself to support **** nominations. That's why I haven't reviewed as many as I could have over the years, I tend to skip reviews that I think are bad but I feel others will accept, then when I run out of skips I try to justify my rejections for a few, then I just stop for a day or two.

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    Niantic has not gotten back to me despite numerous attempts for an explanation. The email is as legitimate as their AMA responses.

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