This Plea for Upgrade Compensation Has Been Brought To You By Four Denied Upgrades In A Week

Alright, I'm opening up the floodgates to be scrutinized for nominations, and I am open to discussion on the eligibility of these, but that's not what I want this discussion to be about.

Tackling back against poor reviewers and general frustrations about upgrading would be easily solvable if Wayfarer would just give compensation for denials on upgrades, compensation for utilizing the service and committing to reviewing enough submissions to receive 100 agreements. Even just some reimbursement for a failed upgrade, like 25% back on your gauge for your next upgrade would be great.

Cause over the last week, at least 400 agreements throughout 10 hours of reviewing has wielded me with 4 upgrades that got sent down the drain. I'll keep arguing they're eligible, you might not, that's not the point. As a majorly volunteer service, simply getting a location approved and enjoyable in Niantic games isn't enough, as even if you receive an approval, you enjoy the same amenities just like someone who didn't put any effort into the location, so rewards for an approval are already quite minimal, so to commit to hours of work for an upgrade and a denial of nomination rendering you with nothing for your, again, volunteer work is incredibly strenuous and demotivating to continue reviewing.


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