Memorial Benches and markers



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    You'd be surprised, people complain about every little thing because they "don't feel its appropriate" and council's / business etc have a tendency to over react.

    As an example a few years ago a local council recieved a compaint regarding fluorescent light fitting covers from someone who didn't feel they were safe.

    Said council took this one complaint and went and had people superglue all the light fittings in place, throughout the entire county so "they were safe"

    Didn't matter that the only way to change the lamp (or entire unit) was to now smash the old fitting off, creating debris and waste etc, they just wanted to appease the one complaint they received.

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    I have had no luck(10+) with memorial benches for local heroes and local people that made a difference to the community. I have tried every angle, view and distance zoomed with no success so I assume most are not and have been very critical voting on them personally.

  • jokeinsurance-PGOjokeinsurance-PGO Posts: 327 ✭✭✭

    In the supporting information, did you provide URL's for said person? Sometimes they help, pending on the significance of said person.

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    People on here like to pick and choose what to follow from nianti , example, doggy bins were eligible per danbocat, everyone was up in arms. National cycle network markers were deemed eligible and a list was even given the ok by giffard, still people on here say they arent eligible.

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    Wow... It's amazing how important one little word is, "ETC"

    Really does open up a lot of room on a linear trail for accepting objects to be pinned. Not only footbridges, but memorial benches, rest areas, etc.

    And really, it makes sense since 2 of the big three criteria are "Exercise" and "Explore". If you travel another 1/2 mile down the trail to get to some bench, footbridge, you see marked on PGO you have not only explored the trail but did exercise.

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