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    In settings there is a toggle that lets you control when and on what your upgrade is applied to.

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    if you want to let us see what you plan to submit then do post here. You can make the submission then put it on hold whilst you polish the text.

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    OK here goes, with some fresh pics;

    Title:Goongillings Tennis Court

    Description: Tennis court for the use by Goongillings Farm Holiday cottages.

    Main Picture:

    Supplemental Picture:

    Supplemental detail:

    This Tennis court is for use by anyone staying in the holiday cottages as detailed here -

    The tennis court can be seen on satellite view. The business name ("Goongillings Farm Holiday Cottages"), can be seen on the Google maps page directly on the location.

    Please note that this is not a private residence. All the houses on the farm are rented out as holiday cottages.

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    I would think that you will have a hard time with the tennis court. The farm has 4 cottages only (according to the website you provided).

    If the courts aren’t open to the public and only available to residents of one of the four cottages, unless you stay there a lot why would you want to nominate it?

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    Why not?

    It doesn't have to be open to everyone. It's as eligible as any other tennis court.

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    Erm Because literally nothing gets accepted round here. Your post illustrates why (no offence). I got excited following the previous positivebut now you say all in vain. Doesn't niantic promote healthy activities? How many people is acceptable to you?

    The holiday cottages sleep up to 10 people each. Regularly they bring friends who camp (check the farm in google satellite where you can see by coincidence see tents for an event) - note in case forgotten- all publicly accessible. On the pic below you can see many footpaths

    Other publically open interest points include scotts quay (public construction, rejected), public pond/bench (rejected), public river access gate (rejected) woods, scenic viewpoint on ancient settlement with bench (rejected), play area and tennis court (rejected).

    Pond (lake on the link) with bench - on public footpath:

    Example of path run:

    There is plenty more i havent mentioned In the same area there are multiple sites including multiple memorial benches at scenic viewpoints, play area, settlement from roman times with bench, moored canal barge with firepit by river (follow river right from quay)

    , several simple swings (rope off tree with wood - two in the woods, and 2 by the quay), and last but not least three access points to the Helford river popular for swimming groups, fishing, and boating. There is even a coast walk from the around following the entire waterside of the farm on 3 sides (again publicly accessible, promoted and in regular use). The area is officially designated aonb (area of natural beauty) the entire farm is full of hiking trails and public footpaths, and extends from Constantine woods (publicly open but no pokestops surprisingly) all the way to the other side of Constantine village. Going to call that one as outside scope as would get ready long!

    From the top of the hill there are scenic views allowing you to see as far as goongilly earth station on the lizard peninsula about 5 miles away(rejected, as obviously not as attractive or intersting as a red postbox) . As mentioned I pass several groups of 5-10 every time I go there. Forest school camps every weekend in the summer with 30+ kids at a time. Multiple entries in Google searches, and it's (the farm, and holiday cottages both and separately) been reviewed several times in magazines. I've posted a couple of links, and there are more out there via Google.

    Sorry if that was a bit long, but just trying to illustrate how difficult it it is to get genuine "things" accepted. The default seems to be that I'm lying and making things up. That it's all private and not suitable for public (?????) When it's clearly publically accessable, but no way of communicating this to people here let alone reviewers...

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    One thing at a time.

    The tennis court is eligible it doesn’t matter that it’s not open to the general public. It is facility available for people to use and not a single family residence.

    Photos : The first one captures the court nicely 👍

    The second doesn’t really show enough to help locate it …..but I’m guessing that given the location and the trees it won’t be easy to get a good angle. But it is very visible on satellite view. So say that in the supplementary that it’s not easy but that you can easily see on satellite.

    Title is ok.


    Sell it a bit more. Do the cottages have rackets and balls?

    A communal facility for those staying on holiday, a full size hard surface, tennis court. A tucked, away sun trap and a great way for some exercise and holiday competitions. Don’t forget your racket.

    ……just to give ideas as to how to convey it is there to be used.


    Start with the obvious but most important part about why it meets eligibility criteria.

    Criteria: Encourages exercise. The bank to one side provides a great social space for those not actually playing to watch and keep score.

    Then the bits you wrote rejigged a little.

    Location: It is difficult to get a second photo that helps a lot but The tennis court can be seen on satellite view. A path goes from the cottages to the court.

    The site: The cluster of buildings form a holiday let business Goongillings Farm Holiday Cottages, seen on the Google maps. This Tennis court is facility for the customers in the holiday cottages as detailed here -

    Again just ideas on how to get the information across (and I’m guessing at some bits) in a clear way that a reviewer will want to see - I only put in headings so you could see the structure. Having a way of laying out the supplementary info helps ensure you do a good job of selling it. You know the place well the reviewer has never seen it before and knows very little, make it easy for them, they are likely to not spend very much time on it so every point counts.

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    Two more rejections today. Resubmitted quay with adjustments recommended here (thanks), not optimistic. Will try Resubmit tennis courts but similar expectation.

    Regarding the earlier post about ww2 finger posts - at least one (triangle) doesnt exist any more - ran past the other day. Ran through the public footpath on the private farm. Will check the other location in a few days. I remember seeing it a few decades ago, but think also gone.

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    There's several of them fingerposts around there that I found in the MSR and another site I use, there's also a trigpoint north-west of Brill if you can find it -

    It's all about knowing what reviewers want to review and how to present it well.

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    whereabouts is this play equipment

    the table tennis is not eligible as it is not permanently in position. However the climbing frame, slide and swing set is. 😀 The Cottage website also describes it as the communal area which is also helpful.

    In an earlier posting I showed a grid of squares on the map. This is important as Pokémon Go can only have 1 point in each square.

    If the tennis court and the play area/climbing frame are in the same cell you only get one stop. If they are in separate cells you get 2.

    The tennis court could potentially be in one of 4 cells. The position shouldn’t be in the middle where it would be deemed to potentially interfere with play, so an entrance point or corner is best. So this needs consideration.

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    Thanks that's really useful. The play area is right next to the table tennis - just above the top right corner of tennis court.

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    ok so for example placing the pin on the court top left would be a good choice.

    Thinking about overall pictures to locate the court what sort of view do you get from bottom left?

    Or from the play area is there a good angle that in landscape format that would show the path towards the courts (is there just one or is there another route at the other end) that could get in the building/ shed.

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    @Belahzur-ING found and submitted the two fingerpost. Went to the wrong place before. Also found another on the other side of Constantine which will submit on a run

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    Awesome, but don't forget how you present it and sell it to reviewers matters, how much effort you can show and that you know what a fingerpost is, show that you've done your research.

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    Tried my best to make nomination interesting and positive with the details posted. Have also resubmitted scotts quay and the tennis court with the great advice received incorporated. have had two more rejections today. Reasons given totally random.

    People really seem to reject just because its quicker to get through the listings. Maybe as a way to get upgrades. I really don't get it. When I'm reviewing I am trying to research location, and criteria. I take 5-10 mins on each one and always leave additional notes/feedback, and try to find a rejection reason that makes sense. Have been trying to submit more stuff out further afield that should be more unequivocal just to prove it is possible to get something accepted. Fingers crossed.

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    There's a lot more fingerposts I've found further afield, look around where roads meet, there's usually 1, sometimes 2, it depends how far afield your willing to go.

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    Still doesn’t answer my question. The person who posted doesn’t need to answer my question, but your comment didn’t address it at all.

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    There's an itch for some Wayfarer to nominate stuff that are eligible. Myself included, especially in blank canvass areas and areas that I find interesting.

    It's a bit odd to ask why nominate stuff, the obvious reason to add objects into some games. What was your point asking that question?

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    I can't answer for @goongillings-PGO but I personally enjoy finding and finding out about things.

    Also knowing that someone else may use it or enjoy finding or finding out about something in game.

    I often nominate something I know I'll never use our even pass by again or won't appear in Go for me

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    I’ve enjoyed digging around this area virtually ……a blank canvas is just too tempting 😂

    This is on the South of Cornwall and i regularly visit the the North and splatter with wayspots.

    i am very tempted to try and visit and walk the footpath as it looks great.

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    Good news. Scott's quay got accepted! Now I'm officially more optimistic.

    It would be good to get some features accepted that are worthy (IMHO) but as per thread on public footpath, which is also private land. I'm going to try to expand My run to the nearby woods which may have some scope. That is privately owned by "Constantine Enterprises" which is a community interest company that maintains the footpaths. Probably making life difficult for myself, but there is a finger pole near the beginning of the route which is a good starting point ;-)

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    Yeah 😃😃😃

    Great news.

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    Because I was curious why he would nominate something if he and others in his community wouldn’t have access to it. Just a curiosity, nothing more.

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    I reviewed one of yours today - bench on footpath. I had to reject it as it was a plain bench. You referred to the view. If you could have shown a great view in supplementary or an angle where you could see the bench and the view, you could then have described it as a viewpoint with the bench acting as the physical spot. For that footpath I would emphasise the history of it being a route for material going to the quay, now a footpath.

    so something like

    A place to stop and admire the great view across Helford while you take a break on the bench. You can then continue down the old transport route between Constantine and Scott’s Quay, which is now a well maintained footpath.

    On the plus side I looked around and could see the tennis court and one of the finger posts @Belahzur-ING have been accepted.

    So you should now have gym and things are moving in right direction overall so that is great.

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    So what is the difference between a "trail" and a ""Public Right of Way"

    Can a path not be both.

    Can the trail just be a formalised public right of way because the vegetation is cleared so you can make your way easily

    This is one of those where I feel everyone is wrong and everyone is right

    Personally. Back it up with all the information on the Tarn walking trail. IMOH it meets criteria as a waypoint - It is ""a point of reference that can be used for location and navigation." With evidence it has every chance of passing go.

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    Hi, yes back to everything rejected again.

    Communal play area - no public access, private residence (clearly explained in details so not read)

    Footpath Trail marker - fake nomination???

    Council public footpath sign - natural feature??

    Fingerpost sign (one previously accepted with same details, visible on streetview) - fake nomination

    Sculpture- mismatched location (it wasnt), seasonal display (how many years is required for a sculpture)


    Bench - thanks for the feedback. This is on a totally different location in the main village.

    I get what you are saying, but the guidance for supplemental is to include the original object.

    I get rejected if I done include it. There is a specific category for benches and one for scenic viewpoint, but when I have used photos of the view those you get rejected, typically with either fake/private or natural feature.

    I will go back on that run at some point and resubmit taking your suggestions in account, thank you.

    There was another I have submitted for a bench by a pond. Rejected every time for different reasons every time.

    Mostly I think people are too keen to reject as they get through things quicker that way thus points for their own submissions to get processed faster.

    Hopefully the new/upcoming routes features may help verify locations on valid paths.

    The current system is a too much of a waste of time.

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    Hi @goongillings-PGO

    Definitely try the play area again.

    The bench/ view is tricky but give it a try.

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    Was just thinking about the bench generically - my thoughts...

    1. There is a specific category for them
    2. By definition they are a waypoint/resting spot on a specific route (in previous example a public footpath).
    3. By default they are all "just a bench"!
    4. A photograph of the view isn't allowed , and supplemental should include the object I.e. bench

    So I don't understand the argument here

    With a bench you are automatically going outdoors on a journey (the aim)

    Benches are By default natural waypoints

    But only special benches are allowed depending on the reviewers personal preference? What elevates a bench over a navigation sign. Surely only the route and/or view which By definition exist and shouldn't require proof. Obviously if on private land a valid rejection I understand, but on a public footpath...

    This makes no sense to me...unless the aim is to reject everything except the specific destination (monument/historic viewpoint/a.n.other). But the aim is to add interest to the entire journey, not just the destination. Hence allowing navigation. Surely this logically therefore should include other waypoints that are part of the journey, i.e. rest stops, scenic views, picnic/play areas...

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    To add to above... Still trying to understand how a metal council brown public footpath sign is a "Natural feature"

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    Just letting you know…the list of categories is not a list of things that are eligible. They are just categories. I think Niantic is trying to teach AI how to categorize, but I’m honestly not sure what they’re used for.

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