Two Churches with the same photo but they're 30km apart

Title of the Wayspot: chiesa s.udalrico

Location: 46.166503,11.110127

City: Nave San Rocco, TN

Country: Italy

Photos to support your claim: see additional info.

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A as it's a copy of an existing one, but the original one is located 30km away 😅

Additional information:

I don't even know how that happened, it's the exact copy of this one, even the title was written in the same way (no capital letters, no space between "s." and the name.

The original one is located here: 46.089321,11.297347 and it has the same title and one of the photo was taken to submit the one located @ Nave San Rocco.

You can see it from both a photosphere and Google Street View: (Google) (photosphere)

But the duplicated one exists in the place where it's actually located but it has a different name "Chiesa di S. Rocco", but I can't confirm if it has a second photo as I don't have a portal key of it.

This is the Google Street View located where the duplicate one is:

Ther're not the same.

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