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Cannot Apply Upgrade to 'Upgrade Next'

Zoreta-PGOZoreta-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭
edited May 2022 in Report a Bug

I have had a nomination marked 'upgrade next' since before the new auto-upgrade system was added. I earned an upgrade, which was applied to my oldest nomination- not the one marked 'upgrade next'.

So I turned off 'auto upgrade', and earned another upgrade... but the nomination marked 'upgrade next' has no option to apply the new upgrade. It appears you cannot manually apply an upgrade to a nomination with the legacy 'upgrade next' setting.

So I put all other nominations on hold, and turned auto-upgrade on again. If there are no other nominations accepting upgrades, I would expect the system would be forced to upgrade the one marked 'upgrade next', but the upgrade has not been applied. It has now been over 12 hours.

It is currently impossible to upgrade a nomination with the legacy 'upgrade next' tag, despite that obviously being the nomination that the user wants to upgrade.

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