Pokostop Stockenten am Teich

Leider wird der akzeptierte Pokéstop "Stockenten am Teich" in 04509 Zschepen, Germany nicht im Spiel angezeigt. Ich bitte um Überprüfung - Danke |

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    Hi, sorry I don't speak German. Please use Google Translate on my post.

    Firstly, this is an archived section of the forum. Not many people come here because it's meant for old posts. The other section for reporting a bug should be where you report bugs. That being said, this is not a bug.

    When you submit a nomination, you're submitting a Wayspot for the Niantic Lightship database, and not a Pokéstop. If your nomination is accepted, it gets added to Lightship. After that, each of Niantic's games will attempt to sync your nomination on to their maps, but there are inclusion rules that determine whether something is able to be added or not.

    In Pokémon Go, the inclusion rule is that a new Wayspot must be in an unoccupied level 17 S2 cell to be able to appear in Pokémon Go. If there's already a Pokéstop or Gym in that cell, your nomination will not appear in Pokémon Go. In this case, your nomination is in the same level 17 S2 cell as Feuerwehrmann Auf Der Leiter, and that's why it isn't appearing in Pokémon Go. It is in Ingress though (you will need an Ingress account to view the Intel map):

    It may also be used in other Niantic games.

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