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Listening to the Wayspotters Podcast (it’s okay, but not fantastic) and the hosts came to a heads about a Wayspot.

One of them (Host A) saw a fire station on their Nearby when reviewing, and used the Wayfarer app to report it for obstructing emergency services as it’s still in use.

The other host (Host B) mentions that he should not have reported the Wayspot, as it was “grandfathered” in and not bothering anyone, and mentioned they got rid of a gym POI on Pokémon GO.

I wanted to see what people thought. I’ve used Host A & Host B, as I know the hosts are on this forum from time to time, and some may be friends with them on the games.

My view is that reporting it was the correct thing to do as it shouldn’t have gone live, and should have been reported long ago, and as mentioned players will have had six years to earn whatever badges etc. they need from it.


  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 4,423 Ambassador

    Interesting view on it. Though

    Provided that the gym activates somewhere else that might be more beneficial and is not a net gym loss, it is fair to remove. I've removed several grandfathered things, regardless of whether something that does not exist doesn't bother anyone, or is clearly in a child care centre.

    do you mean by this that you would not report something that met removal criteria if it meant there would then only be one Wayspot in that cell, leading to no gym in that cell?

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    I didn't know they still removed stuff there, last time I saw wayspots at a school when reviewing I checked street view, satelite and it had a pin on map and they didn't remove it.

    If it was something in a fire station that didn't get in the way I would say leave it but the fire station itself even if it isn't getting in the way is iffy.

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    I don't see a problem with remote reporting in some cases, for example 3rd party photos. That's not a judgment call and you don't have to be "on the ground" to find an exact match with a Google search. Exact duplicates (same words and same photo) of other existing wayspots is something else that can be reliably found remotely. In the second case it might not be obvious which one is the original, but often it is.

    I do agree that emergency services, prp, and k-12 are more likely to be mis-reported remotely.

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    You know, I was thinking I’d just leave it alone but @tehstone-Ambo has convinced me. If an ounce of ineligible POI removal equals a pound of coal prevention, that makes it worth the removal, remote report or no.

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    Not all fire station wayspots do, but some do. I would report a fire station IF I thought the wayspot interfered with emergency services. I would not and should not consider potential impacts to the playfield in any specific game when doing this.

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