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Length of the Description field for new nominations and edits submitted in Pokémon GO

TheQutestOfBorg-PGOTheQutestOfBorg-PGO Posts: 42 ✭✭✭

I'm sure I'm being naive, and the answers is "this is working as intended," but I thought it'd still be a good idea to bring this up. In Pokémon GO, when either making a new nomination or suggesting an edit to an existing Wayspot, the Description field length is limited to 256 characters. At the same time, Ingress allows 512 characters in the Description in both cases. When a new nomination is edited via Wayfarer, the Description also allows up to 512 characters. Why does such disparity exist, and can this be changed in Pokémon GO?

I'm also fully expecting "this is not Wayfarer, this is game-related" answer, but I respectfully disagree, because it directly affects the quality of all Wayspots. I'm particularly concerned about the edits submitted via Pokémon GO. The new nominations can at least be edited in Wayfarer (granted that the submitter is aware of such thing, and also aware that they can extend the Description that way). But for Description edits submitted in Pokémon GO, there is no solution. I hope it's on someone's radar to be fixed.

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