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Sponsored locations override "natural" Wayspots

Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 2,874 Ambassador

Sort of a game issue, also Wayfarer related.

Wayfarer POI must meet proximity rules for the games they are accepted into. Each game may have Sponsored POI locations that are paid for by a corporate sponsorship or even small business recovery initiative. In Pokémon GO, these sponsored locations have the ability to demote/desync previously "naturally" accepted Stops and Gyms.

Locally, we had my city's "iconic" tallest building demoted from a Gym to a Stop with no replacing Gym because somebody added a photo to the Wayspot. In this immediate area, there was a nearby Starbucks that seems to have affected the Gym count. In Seattle, the erroneous Space Needle edit caused it to demote from Stop to Gym due to a sponsored Ten Sushi Gym.

So, Sponsored locations end up restricting POI in PoGO and inhibit community driven engagement of socializing, exploration, and exercise.

@NianticTintino & @NianticDanbocat an this report is per our conversation on the matter of sponsored locations blocking Wayfarer POI.

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  • tp235-INGtp235-ING Posts: 756 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Ambassador.

    I am assuming from your post that this is a Pokémon GO-only phenomenon at this time, but there is nothing the Wayfarer team can do in the Pokémon GO field to address this issue alone.

    The Wayfarer team is not making the decision to demote Pokémon Gyms to PokéStops (I don't really like that terminology, as they are still wayspots and not out of Niantic's philosophy), or to desynchronize wayspots.

    What is being determined is by the program of the conditions set forth by the Pokémon GO team.

    Your inquiry is to the Pokémon GO Help.

    Or you should post to Michael or tatsuo about what is happening on social networking sites.

    It will be more accurate.

    What the Wayfarer team can do for the Pokémon GO team is to say, "We recently had this post from an ambassador on our forum and we have similar posts from other Wayfinders. Could you discuss this matter with the Pokémon GO team?" The only thing we can do is to contact them.

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