Ridiculous Rejection Reasons

I mean... I don't know what to type here. I was at most expecting a duplicate-rejection because some of the figures on the palace itself are already wayspots, but this?

The people are nowhere near recognizeable and are certainly not the "subject matter" of the nomination (as lined out by the rejection reason). Since this is a frequently visited tourist destination it's pretty much impossible to get a proper picture with the sun out and not have people on it. This is the least amount of people I could get - which should be alright according to the criteria as far as I know. Here's the full size image as seen in the nomination:


The location might not be centered on the palace due to cell optimization but it is very much on the object:

I don't know if this is relevant enough but could anyone from NIA check the reviewers for other odd reviewing behaviors?

Could this be the beginning of a new wave of rejection bots in southern Germany?


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