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We need a tool to consistantly proof or disproof the existance of portals. The flooding of mimimi in various channels without any objective proofs is unbearable. Measures from wayfarer votings, esp selected out of areas persons unlikely ever have been at those place nor have any idea of actual states is a hilarious nonsense.

99% of the workload and traffic in here as well as the massive accumulation of frustration and intentional cheating by false reports could easily be avoided.

Stale enough that the comment section for reports in scanner is removed, even weirder that there is no possibility to add panorama pictures nor just even plain pictures to send easy visual proofs along mostly well meant approaches to improve the soundness of our portal network.

Instead that actually is a set of frustration buttons, leading to complete randomized and therefore mostly false results. Dear Niantic, i dont have the slightest idea why and how you can find constantly those implementations which will for sure cause the maximal frustration alongside the least possible measure of objective truths - if it werent so sad it really would be very funny ;)

Long speach in short, please find effective options, the current ones are massively ineffective with a way too high frustration potential.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're saying but if you're suggesting a better way to confirm wayspots is needed than the ingress map then I agree.

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    Niantic has long promised to add comment and photo options to the reporting of invalid waypoints.

    Niantic has long promised to add a lot of things. Years go by without updating anything.

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    ;) the intel nor google can in any way state the existance or inexistance of pois in general - ok for churches and such but anything else even visible on sat pictures can be outdated. There is no way to proove things have changed or are there/not there with in scanner tools. Especially removed/falsified pois to state even worse via a wayfarer abstraction where noone intentually is in vicinity of those pois in question with just the click of a button is a worst case scenario noone would believe if told.

    The scanner needs a toolset as it has the coords to provide a measure for in rl removed portals, just asking random peeps if things might be there is a complete nonsense.

    Less impossible but still stale is to ask random peeps if things are there (when things really are) but have no chance to physically proof because they just are too far away by intention

    They may find some 3rd party informations then which best case are correct and actual but is such effective?

    The scanner needs an effective toolset to show an environment and there should be an at least partly verification in person on that spot.

    This as well needs a reward or a punishment for those prooving at that place in case of telling the truth or trying to lie.

    what can such be, a panorama picture option, further photos or even a scan? Just keep in mind, whats the best approach which can show a removed/non existing poi, for existing one a scan or photo will do.

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    😂 they even removed a more detailed comment option - was missing an add media option but at least one was able to state sth useful

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