Apple login to Wayfarer?

Are there plans to add an Apple login to Wayfarer? If so, when?

For those Apple login players who are unwilling to have a Facebook or Google login, their gameplay is restricted as follows:

Pokemon Go - unable to submit nominations or make edits

Ingress - can still submit nominations and edits BUT if you use Apple’s hide my email login feature you do not receive emails so you never find out if a submission is rejected, only find out about approvals when you see them in game, and if Wayfarer decides your account is abusive in some respect you will never receive notice. Lack of access to wayfarer also encourages repeat submissions when a submission doesn’t show up in game in a short period of time

Wayfarer - you can’t review submissions or edit your own submissions or track your submissions.

Since Pokemon Go and Ingress (and perhaps other Niantic games) allow Apple login, Wayfarer should as well. Helping to expand and maintain the Lightship database is part of the gameplay which Apple login users are excluded from participating


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