what makes a location inappropriate

So i submitted a stop and was rejected for the following reasons: Location Inappropriate, Other Rejection Criteria.

The building I submitted was like any other where i live just off the road and it's not a private owned location. could it be because the corporation repurposed the building? it used to be a house could that be a reason? the thing about where i live is that there isn't any private property persay. I mean there are a few places that people "own" but there is a road right in front of it and for all they would know I could be out for a walk. The location this was left on for being rejected the building is a public building the corporation doesn't have any set hours of operation but when they're open anybody can go in there and visit or get help.



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    Location Inappropriate, Other Rejection Criteria

    Is what sad pathetic people put when they simply don't like a nominaton, not because it's not appropriate, becuause they think they are better than the criteria. It's a horrible toxic trait that is now most people making decisions where im from.

    I have made stops of park benches and seats before with no change in how i do it, and now NONE are accepted, always with Location Inappropriate, Other Rejection Criteria, it's become worse than a joke.

    There arent reasonable people assessing any more, nobody who wants to improve the game and make people go explore further than a park on the side of a road.

    I can make a stop of a club house with mobile phone numbers and email addresses on the signs thats fine,

    Try put a Park bench donated by a company with the company name on it.... Suddenly its not acceptable, but a private caffe or business is fine if it's got a mural on it.

    My advice would be to stop nominating, eventually everyone will stop then these toxic fun deniers will have to go cancel someplace else.

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    It is frustrating but there are reasons for this, well meaning in intent, but a poor system and Niantic’s basically poor communication means the messages are often puzzling.


    There have been several clarifications that a generic bench does not meet the eligibility criteria so the message

    Other Rejection Criteria

    would be correct. There are benches in the games but these go back to before this ruling.

    You would need to make a case as to why a specific bench should meet the criteria. So a simple sponsorship would not be suitable, but if there is an interesting story behind it, it might be. I looked at a bench yesterday as a possible “anchor” for the view. If I submit it, I will need to work hard to demonstrate why it should be acceptable.

    The fact it just says “other” is not helpful but that will be the key reason.

    As @Melurra-PGO says the location inappropriate can be heavily misunderstood and is popping up as the algorithm searches for something else to help the explanation. It may have been selected by just a few people.

    I think some people select location inappropriate means that the location is not in the right place. a common reason for rejection in a park is that you can’t check the location unless there are photosphere. So a few make a selection mistake.

    You can also get a cooldown if you have a pattern of rejections where the reason is the same, and I think some people select some of these reasons now and then, just to vary the pattern. They shouldn’t do it but you can see why it can happen - have had play areas rejected and a reason of location sensitive amongst the reasons.

    in short there may be some poor reviewers but the actual system is very broken.

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    Thanks for posting these. As @JillJilyJabadoo-PGO alluded to above, this simply does not meet any of the acceptance criteria. It does not appear to be a great place to be social, a great place to explore, or a great place to exercise. It may certainly be a valuable organization in the community, but that alone does not make a location meet the acceptance criteria.

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    “Location Inappropriate” has a rather notorious history of being misused by reviewers who want to provide feedback of ‘this is not a good place to play a video game.’ At one point there was a thread somewhere around here that collected all the other threads: dozens of questions exactly like this one, in which innocuous nominations got “location inappropriate” rejections. While that rejection misuse seems to have faded for the most part, here we are.

    That said, “other rejection criteria” is also present here, which means reviewers don’t think this is a great place to socialize or exercise or explore, and I tend to agree that a business incubator location would not meet criteria.

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    If is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art by an artist, like a mural but painted on a bench instead of a wall, it could be eligible.

    If it has a visually appealing design but is still mass produced (see example below), it would not be eligible.

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    As @Melurra-PGO says it needs to be unique/distinctive.

    The most common ones I see are wooden carved ones. But it could be a distinctive piece of metal work or a stone bench with a distinctive carving or design. Especially good if there is a “story” behind it.

    if you find something feel free to post a picture and basic info if you want to get some feedback prior to submission.

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