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A few days ago I got the following suggestion to evaluate in Wayfarer:




The title says it's map number two. The interesting thing is that the location of the same is marked on it. So I knew right away that the location where this Wayspot was submitted was wrong!

But it gets even better. As I looked at the surrounding wayspots, I noticed that the submitted map is already a wayspot. But also in the wrong location!

Fake 1.)

Stadtkarte Ueckermünde

Location: 53.739151,14.082601

Current Location:


I was there today to take a look for myself.

First of all: The fake attempt has already been rejected as a duplicate - the submitter is the same person in both cases.

Before you immediately delete the fake or correct the location, be careful. Because it gets even better ...

As I said, the location is marked on it. There is already a Wayspot at the correct location.

Stadtgeschichte von Ueckermünde (53.737625,14.085082)

Now I noticed that there is a wayspot between the first fake and the correct location. It also looks pretty similar visually.

Fake 2.)

Wappen Stadt Ueckermünde

Location: 53.738396,14.083843

Current Location:


And why do these 3 wayspots look so similar? Here is the resolution:

Correctly. All 3 are the same Object. An information board. In which individual parts were photographed and submitted separately to the wrong locations.

As a precaution, I submitted photos showing the complete object to each of the 3 Wayspots. I advocate deleting the two fakes instead of correcting the locations.


Besides, this story doesn't end there. There was another fake attempt nearby.



Another attempt was made to submit another part of this information board separately at the wrong location. I took the liberty of making a photosphere (click me) to show you that this information board does not exist more than once and the suggested location was again abusive.


Incidentally, I noticed that the following wayspot is off the beaten track:

Stadt- und Umgebungskarte Ueckermünde

Current Location: 53.737774,14.085756

Of course that doesn't make any sense. Do you know where this object really is? Correctly. Exactly in front of the information board that was/is being submitted in parts.



On the way there, I noticed a few other things. A few locations intentionally misplaced in order for the related objects to show up in Pokemon Go. Please correct:


Ev. Kreuzkirche - Information

Current Location: 53.736725,14.070599

Correct Location:



Current Location: 53.735876,14.068728

Correct Location:


That was it for now as far as Ueckermünde is concerned. I'll keep an eye on the city for now.


I found something similar on the way there in the neighboring town of #Pasewalk:


Rastplatz mit Zugrad als Tisch

Current Location: 53.516903,13.994899

Correct Location:


Lokschuppen Pasewalk

Current Location: 53.514925,13.992432

Correct Location:


And while we're about to move things around, I have a small request:


WoS - Astrid Kumbernuss

Location: 53.556851,13.261297

WoS - Rüdiger Helm

Location: 53.556787,13.261284

Some time ago I used the geotagged photos above to move these adjacent slabs to their correct location. Now I noticed on site that a small mistake had happened and that the actual order on site was not correct.

The locations are interchanged. Can you please correct that? Thanks.


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