Can a supporting photo have a person in it?

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I'm pretty sure that it's an easy reject if it's the primary photo but this is the support photo with someone walking out of a pizzeria as the photo was taken.

*edit...they are wearing a mask but they can probably be identified from the photo.


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    It is not an automatic rejection for a person to be in the supporting photo. That said, you want to keep your nomination as far from any rejection reason as possible, including “person,” “body part,” “recognizable face,” and potentially “submitter identifiable.” So you’re better off keeping both images as clear of people as possible.

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    I have retaken photos for my own submissions when I get photobombed. In this case, it's a submission that I'm reviewing where it looks like a customer walked out of the pizzeria right as they were taking the photo. They either didn't notice or didn't think it was a big deal. Asking because I think it's probably a good wayspot otherwise.

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    Thanks for the advice. It seemed like a random person in the picture that just seemed to walk out as they were taking the picture. Either ways, I skipped the review since I wasn't sure.

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    try not to do that but if it happens it happens its just the supporting photo so it won't affect your nomination

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    Think about it this way: The purpose of the no-people rule is that having recognizable people in a wayspot photo is a permanent record of them having been there, and anyone who visits the wayspot in the future could potentially identify the person as having been there. Google blurs faces in street view photos for the same reason.

    A supporting photo does not become a part of the publicly-visible record. As others have said, ambient people in a supporting photo are fine. People (or pets, or motorcycles, or other potentially-identifying things) that are deliberately part of the photo could be used as a cue to reviewers.

    When reviewing, ambient people in the supporting photo are fine. Ambient people in the main photo can be OK if they're really just in the background, aren't recognizable, and are unavoidable. As a submitter, bear in mind that reviewers may reject things with people even when they should be fine so it's best to avoid them if possible.

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    I try to avoid having people in the supplementary as there are some reviewers who will wrongly reject. I have occasionally deliberately had some people in the supplementary to illustrate the popularity of a place, but try to keep them non-identifiable.

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    No - it is not a reason for an automatic rejection.

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