Invalid Wayspot Appeal (Permanently Removed): Sea Wall Sculpture

Title of the Wayspot: Sea Wall Sculpture

Location: 53.65023,-3.019224

City: Southport

Country: United Kingdom

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

This sculpture has been removed for over 3 years, here is 5 screenshots worth of historical google street view imagery for proof.

Further screenshot to support my claim, an email response from the local council to this area that manage these sculptures along the seafront:

As you can see, the local council has confirmed that the sculpture was removed as the "mechanism that allowed it to rotate in the wind collapsed" and the "company that designed the sculptures is no longer in business to undertake a repair".

They have also further commented that "As we were seeing a number of issues with the sculptures, as they have been there for about 20 years now, we were planning to undertake a wider review to assess whether we should repair the existing sculptures or explore other options. However, this was put on hold due to the covid pandemic. We are looking at reprogramming this review as soon as resources allow."

So as you can see, with the sculpture being gone for 3+ years and no evidence of it returning anytime soon (if at all), this POI should be retired. Please note the other sculptures in the area still remain as they have not broken (verifiable by street view data).




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