Why must we go to these lengths to get things done?...

Roli112-PGORoli112-PGO Posts: 2,230 Ambassador

As some of you may have noticed... The Forum is finally readable again!!! No more outdated useless pins!!!

Now this was no mere coincidence... this action was done because @AisforAndis-ING decided to make a sequence of tweets that finally led to something being done.

These tweets actually got some replies from Nia Employees...

My question to @NianticTintino-ING and the team... why must someone go to the lengths to get something resolved? We waited numerous months... made countless posts, bug reports, even memes... yet nothing was done, just empty promises like always.

Months and months of waiting... but make a couple of tweets... tag a few people... and the issue is resolved in less than an hour!!!

What pressing issues should we tweet about next?



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