Incorrectly denied submissions due to Private Res/Farm but its not a farm/residence?

Two examples:

Title of the Wayspot: Left Field Rest Stop! & Coldwater Ranch West Exit

Location: 33.718377255851486, -112.32293052490016 & 33.72095261027421, -112.32521303006067

City: Peoria, AZ

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: 2 Attached

Photos to support your claim: 2 Attached

Additional information: Both of these submissions were declined with the reason being they were located on a private residence or farm. Both of these are located at community parks. They are located on/in community property and shared space for everyone. I understand that stops in community parks may be close to residences, but that is unavoidable - these are clearly not located at a residence or a farm.


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    You can't appeal rejections here, you need to appeal within Wayfarer directly. If you have an appeal available, you should see an appeal button near the top of a nomination when you tap on it from your list of nominations. If you've used an appeal within the past 30 days, then the button won't show up and you'll have to wait until 30 days have passed since you submitted your previous appeal.

    Regarding the rejections, the Coldwater Ranch sign looks to be a generic subdivision/residential area sign, in which case it was correctly rejected. It shouldn't have been rejected for private residence/farm, but should've been rejected for "other rejection criteria" (you've not included screenshots of your nominations, so we can't see if private residence/farm was your only rejection reason or not).

    With regards to the rest stop, I can't see anything on satellite or street view that resembles a permanent rest stop. Without a screenshot of your nomination it would be difficult to comment more on this nomination, but the only thing I can see near your pin that would come close to being classed as a rest stop is what looks to be a generic bench, which would also fall under "other rejection criteria". If it's not the bench you've nominated, please send screenshots of your nomination so we can see what you actually nominated.

    Additionally, if there is something else there that better fits the definition of a rest stop, and it isn't on street view or satellite view, you may want to use the Google Street View app (separate to Google Maps) to take a photosphere at the location. If you upload and publish this photosphere within Google Street View, and Google approves it, then reviewers will see it as a Street View image when reviewing your nomination (assuming you resubmit it).

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