Fake Hann. Münden

Title of the Wayspot: Hann. Münden bei Nacht ( https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/hJ2okZJgn27_Lytjosf5nliLuLymmbu0M_6s2IC15TiqF6ceI2L4aJPBgJOd1Z440eqXcegBWj19ReEfLtzgwzkGx1AZ0cG9zI2o_Ju3=s0 )

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=51.421453,9.660888&z=15&pll=51.421453,9.660888

City: Hann. Münden

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Photo of an unpainted power box at the exact location.

Additional information:

I am a local and can confirm this painted power box does not exist in this location. During my reviews, I have came across multiple fake attempts in this area, that I kept track of with a script:

This one happened to get accepted by the reviewers, with the supporting info displaying also an image of the unpainted box:

This object never existed here. It was probably taken from google. Please remove the wayspot.



  • JasperXCX-PGOJasperXCX-PGO Posts: 29 ✭✭

    @NianticSC Could it be this report was overlooked? All others from this day were looked at already and this one seems stuck in the backlog.

  • NianticGiffardNianticGiffard Posts: 9,167 admin

    Hi @JasperXCX-PGO! We have reviewed the report and taken action on the Wayspot and a Wayfinder in accordance with our policies. While we are unable to discuss our actions in detail to protect the submitter’s privacy, they may include, but are not limited to, sending a warning message, placing restrictions on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO, or Ingress account, putting their account on probation, or placing a temporary or permanent suspension on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO or Ingress account. Thanks for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

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