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Niantic please give us examples of what Bridges you think meet criteria

Ok so this is the now infamous Bridge question from an AMA which gave us a very ambiguous answer. Some submitters are taking this to mean anything and submitting basically a plank of wood over a stream. I also don’t know when the answer was worded whether NIAOps were aware of how many mass produced basic bridges there are out there because from the reviews I’m getting there’s an awful lot (I thought postboxes were bad but this could easily eclipse that)

I will admit to being a more cautious reviewer, unless I’m convinced it meets criteria I won’t approve it on the basis that it’s impossible to get it removed so what I want to see is examples of exactly what Niantic believe meet the criteria.

is there any chance @NianticCasey-ING that you can provide some examples of what you think meets the criteria and some examples which you think that wouldn’t meet criteria.

and please this is a question which needs specific answers because there is such a wide range of interpretations within the community that it just causes arguments


  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 3,354 Ambassador

    I'd like to add that many "footbridges" are simple continuation of paved trail with handrails. The best of these actually do span something like a creek, the worst may have a drain pipe under or just be a swampy area.

    I'd also like to add that in my region, footbridges go beyond being simple trail infrastructure. On any given day, it isn't uncommon to see pedestrian bridges on our local trails packed with people hanging out. It's a bit cliche, but they are more or less hyper local hangouts.

    Generally speaking, I personally consider them similar to gazebos or park shelters. I have seen a few that I think are a bit of a stretch to call a "footbridge," though.

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