Location edit to a portal that is not seen on Ingress map due the other portal too close?

Real life scenario:

1. Do a portal nomination "Leikkikentta" (was done Apr 2, 2020!)

2. Meanwhile the other portal "Karakallio Rock You" was accepted and is seen on Ingress map. 

  This is very close to the location of the portal nomination "Leikkikentta" in step 1.

         Ingress Intel link: https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=60.230475,24.772791

3. Portal "Leikkikentta" nominated (on Apr 2020) was accepted on July 4, 2022 at 8.45 local time:

but the portal is not visible/added to Ingress map because other portal "Karakallio Rock You" (step 2) is too close.

4. Now doing a new nomination to the same "Leikkikentta" portal (step 1) with location a bit further (but still valid and right) from portal "Karakallio Rock You" (step 2) would most probably get rejected as duplicate.

Question: Is there a possibility to do a portal location edit/appeal so that the portal "Leikkikentta" gets visible on Ingress map?

Or is this something impossible?


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