Multiple rejections for differing reasons for a cafe surrounded by other POIs.

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THis has been rejected multiple times. For location inappropriate twice in a row. Once for blocking emergency access and once for mismatched location (WT?). I am not sure I understand as there are existing Niantic POIs in the same place. It is 100% accessible. It is safe with footpaths on two sides and a garden on one side. There has been a kiosk/cafe here for 60 years

The cafe is featured in a council website and on a Sydney Blog.

Anyone have any ideas how I can improve or more importantly address the spurious rejections. I am not grumpy at rejection I am grumpy at my perception of the validity. That said you guys have often provided great guidance (NO PRESSURE ;-)

Other Rejection Criteria

Location Sensitive


Cafe Manos is set on the edge of the upper gardens of the former Vickery Estate now the War Memorial Hospital - a publically accessible heritage listed building and landscape. The cafe is a local meeting spot and great space to be social, grab a cool drink after a game of tennis or just grab a coffee and to go chill in the heritage listed gardens. The Cafe building was constructed in the 1950s and fully sits under a large Morton Bay Fig tree.


125 Birrell St, Waverley NSW 2024, Australia

Supplemental Information

Cafe is publically accessible with safe access. The next nearest cafes are at least 500m away. Making this a local, social and safe accessible space for visitors, staff and patients. The cafe already has a number of Niantic POIs around it (Fredas Library, the Mens Shed, Statues, Gates, Plaques,Tennis Court, Vickery Chapel etc). See the cafe as a feature photo on this website... and on this local government document see the last page featuring a photo of the cafe


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    I think the main picture could be improved if it was similar to the one on the Sydney website and your supporting pic.

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    @The26thDoctor-PGO Thanks for that. Yes. I could use one similar. Good point. Its just that I have been rejected for a) inappropriate location, b) location sensitive, c) mismatched location, d) blocking Emergency access and e) other (unknown).

    But yes will certainly align main photo to blog photo!

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    @Elijustrying-ING Appreciated. will try this.

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    I remember discussing the gate nomination for this area. Did that ever get through?

    The locals may call this the War Memorial Hospital, but it’s not a hospital in the way other reviewers will think of that word, and IIRC it doesn’t say hospital on Google Maps, so just refer to it in terms of the Vickery Estate and the location-based rejections will probably melt away.

    Agreed that your primary image is not strong, but that was already addressed.

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    What's special about this cafe? Has it won any awards etc etc etc. Same argument as all the other cafe / restaurant threads. What justifues this being a Waypoint more than any of the other 100s of local cafes.

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    I received another nomination around this area for another cafe with the following description:

    Local community cafe / restaurant. Sugar Spoon is a great social hang out spot next to Lyne Community Park. Catering to a diverse range of users with great food options. Whether you are relaxing watching the tennis, getting coffee before catching a ferry, sitting on the roof terrace for the great harbour views, just grabbing refreshments after some sport at the basketball and tennis or maybe you just want to kick back and chill..

    The entirety of the nomination just feels very generic with buzzwords in an attempt to tide in the weary reviewer. The photo just looks like the awning or the grass in the midground is being nominated. There is nothing special about this cafe.

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    @HaramDingo-ING Yes, using informal second person (you) in the Description makes it seem like an ad. Instead of "Whether you are", if they'd said "Great place for" - it would have felt more neutral. (And remove words "maybe you just want to".)

    Informal second person is fine in the Supporting Info, like "You can find this on the satellite map and streetview"".

    And yes, having outdoor seating - does not make a good wayspot. It's a place of business, not a public pavilion. The restaurant needs to qualify on its own - then the pin could be on the outdoor seating.

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    try retaking the photo do it straight forward. if it's on an angle like that people tend to reject it. and try and rework the description it sounds like an advertisement

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    Uniqueness is often not based on an award. Position and placement have meaning. The cafe manos sits in beautiful heritage listed landscape and is a special place for staff, patients and visitors. It is a social cultural sense of belonging to its users which include locals (often found walking through with their kids or walking their dogs). It sits in heritage listed landscape. Both the Gardens and the buildings.

    The criteria for a social gathering spot are met. to be sure let us dissect the criteria. A cut and paste.

    ""A great place to be social with others

    A favorite gathering place for friends or strangers alike, where you can share a drink or meal, be entertained, or watch public life happen. Or something that draws us together to share an experience in a locally and culturally relevant way.""

    Then there is a list of places including and get this - ""Favorite coffee shops""

    So criteria wise - According to Niantic. This meets it.

    So that leaves two things ;-). One my photography.... Then there is my ability to write. I am clearly over thinking it. Thank you for guidance on both.

    Watching you @HaramDingo-ING - thanks ;-)

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    Frankly, I would rather approve Jezve Coffee (which is along the Rose Bay Foreshore) rather than Sugar & Spoon.

    Anywhere can meet the social gathering spot criteria. Literally anywhere. It is the most flimsiest criterion that exists.

    Reasons to visit Sugar & Spoon (189):

    • It's next to the park and tennis courts
    • They offer all-day breakfast

    Reasons to visit Jezve Coffee (488):

    • Cafe and coffee flavours with a twist
    • Amazing Turkish breakfast
    • Actually on the waterside

    Just because some regular cafe is within a "heritage listed landscape" does not add any value to said cafe. Nothing about how the nomination is presented or a regular Google search draws me towards accepting it.

    You'll probably have more luck giving it to Niantic via appeal. I still would not give this high marks. Middling at best.

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    True Haram. But the food is better at Sugar and Spoon. I don't go to Jezve as it is also more snobby Sugar and Spoon staff have always been good. And I enjoy a coffee before or after watching the kids play tennis. And I like the roof top. Great views from up there.

    But hey the criteria just states a favourite local coffee shop. And Sugar is mine when I do the tennis or am catching a ferry

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    Well I nominated Cafe Manos again and this time took all your advice.

    Now rejected as a private residence... Hah hahahahha

    Oh well. But someone got 2 inch metal disks nailed to the ground near by as viable POIs....

    Have a great week yáll.

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