Pokestop approved but never appeared

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As seen in the pictures my pokestop was submitted in November and put in December but it never appeared in any of the games owned by Niantic. Soon after the stop was approved but never appeared Niantic help made a tweet saying some of the stops approved weren’t appearing and they are looking into it. Is there an update on that?


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    Maybe they are too close together. Maybe there is another wayspot in the same cell.

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    please reread the second section of the email. if you want to know more about it inform yourself about the s2 cell rules for pokemon go. there are plenty sources/guides which explain everything in detail

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    It doesn’t overlap with the other stop or gym. There isn’t another way spot in the same cell either. Unless I read it wrong but at least I don’t think there is.

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    Do you have the coordinates for it?

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    same cell or 20 meters rule.

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    Puede ser que está en la misma celda y quedó en línea y ya no pudo ser agregada.

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    hi zcruz723 :) !

    i know your problem and i have the same problem with some certain stops. even after removing some stops out into another cell the portals from the other games didnt become pokestops and im very sure they are not to close to each other. I asked naintic but they just say "wait for update" or something like that but now iam waitng since over 6 weeks ....

    perhaps with this forum and new support, we get better results at the end.

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    @zcruz723 Use an s2 cell map, the level 17 s2 cells can only have one wayspot from Ingress in them show up in Pokemon Go. If it does not show up in ingress then it may have met criteria but be too close for any Niantic game. Even if you did not submit it too close, it may have been moved during the review process.

    1) Check if it appears in Ingress. If not, re-submit it or something not as close.

    2) If it appears in Ingress, use an s2 cell map and determine if there are other wayspots in the Level 17 s2 cell. If so, it will not appear in Pokemon Go. Note that depending on the time of day a wayspot is approved and your time zone, it will take 10-34 hours to appear in Pokemon Go but will be there instantly in Ingress.

    Tip; in ingress there is a white square you can click while viewing a wayspot that is a portal that copies the coordinates to the clipboard. Use this for precise mapping of wayspots with third party software. Unfortunately Niantic has yet after all these years of Pokemon Go to disclose how this works or provide any insightful tool on the specific requirements for quality wayspots to appear in Pokemon Go.

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    My problem is the same.

    3 times with a friend we submit a spot: a library.

    3 times accepter. IT never appels. My friend is an ingress player too. So Hé takes a look at "itcc". And the spot never appears too ( so not appear in ingress too ).

    As you Can see, where it's purple, There is only one spot " Aire de jeu". Whereas IT should have 2 spots closed ( but not on the same cell).

    I don't know to do more to make It appears 😕

    I need your help please.


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    Waypoints created by pokemon might not appear on it. The only way to have 100% certain if it was approved is in Ingress because you get a key and AP there (but it still might not appear on Pokémon because the different rules about proximity.

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    If it is within 20-30 meters from an existing Wayspot, it will not be added to any game.

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    The problem, is not in Pokémon go. It's never appear anywhere.

    My friend submited it thé first time with ingress. Approuved. Never appears.

    I submit it 2 times. Approuved every time. Never appear in itcc.

    20-30 meters. If you take a look on the second photo. On south-west it's write "église sainte emerance". You Can see Here 2 spots stucks.

    This rule is new?

  • TheFarix-PGOTheFarix-PGO Posts: 4,030 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not a new rule. It's been around since near the launch of Ingress.

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    "the only way to have 100% certain if it was approved is in ingress [...]"

    huh? this statement is completely wrong. if you would submit this through ingress with the same location you will get an email telling you that it got accepted, however it won't be inserted into the portal network as it is too close to an existing portal and not get a key (i have a lvl 12 ingress account and this happened to me before i was aware of the 20m-proximity-rule). it is accepted tho.

  • aAXalchemistXAa-PGOaAXalchemistXAa-PGO Posts: 21 ✭✭

    so. If i understand well.

    It's not in the same cell but it should have 20-30 meters between the 2 spots too?

  • TheFarix-PGOTheFarix-PGO Posts: 4,030 ✭✭✭✭✭

    All new Wayspots must be a minimum 20 to 30 meter from any existing Wayspot before it is added to any game. Niantic hasn't given a specific distance, but only stated that it was within the 20 to 30 meter range.

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    They're not in PoGo but in Ingress. There's a cell rule. One cell = one stop/portal

    Ingress uses s19 cells while PoGo uses s17 cells.

    My suggestion is to make an ingress acount, install this: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/7p9ozm/i_made_a_plugin_to_show_level_17_s2_cells_on/ and then open intel map.


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