Nomination location suggestions I gave to submitters that didn't help when reviewing

When I review and give location edit suggestions for nomination locations I know are inaccurate with what's being nominated, the suggestion always gets denied as in the nomination's marker with the location gets put where the submitter originally put it. It happens quite frequently where I compare the submitted location with the photos provided, suggest a location edit and know the original location is inaccurate.

How I can tell it is happening often: Players are nominating things around the same area that are close to each other, with the same wayspots existing there when I jump across different cities around the same country I am reviewing in. I look at the map where you check for duplicates for the nominations, and see photos of nominations I know I reviewed before which are located inaccurately. Why I see photos of them there on the map must mean they got accepted because the map is supposed to display the existing wayspots in the area.

Why are my location edit suggestions getting denied? Does it have anything to do with clicking the 'suggest a new location' button and the location rating where you rate the location automatically becoming a 5 star rating when you click that button? Does that auto-generated rating actually rate the original location the submitter put instead?


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