Missing Pokestops

I’m slightly confused about the process of nominating POIs in Pokémon Go.

While some of my approved nominations have shown up in the game, a lot more of them have not. I asked in game about this and was told that one of the reasons could be that the nomination was too close to an already existing pokestop. But when going through frequently asked questions it says that when we’re rating nominations the amount of already existing pokestops and density doesn’t matter. Why? These two statements contradict each other.

Not only that, but I was also informed that my nominations could be added to different games. I don’t understand why this is a thing. The nominating was sent in game through Pokémon Go. Not other games. So why is this feature offered if it doesn’t have any effect on the game?

How can I contribute to the game and help my community if the feature that was supposed to allow this isn’t even honored?

After reviewing so many nominations in hopes to help improve the game for others while working my way to getting upgrades to speed up the process from my own nominations, nothing has changed and nothing got better. What was the point of all that work? It’s kind of a really big slap in the face. It took away any and all motivation to nominate new stops and completely stopped me from reviewing new ones.



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