How would this be best reviewed.

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Shared walking paths for leisure bike and walking are very plentiful in parks in south east Queensland. Signage is sparse.

I would have liked to say yes this is a poi .... but what is the right way to review this?

The title is not specific enough.

Yet is it eligible - if it had a more specific title


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    How did you review it? I personally don't reject things for title or description. If they are wrong (e.g. "gazebo" when it's a bench) or harassing someone, I'll reject them as abuse. My philosophy is title and description can both be edited later if it's really that important. As long as they're close enough to tell what the wayspot is (in your example, a path) that's all they really need, imho.

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    I think I pressed skip.... In the past this would have been considered too plain to be a poi yet I personally I think these walkways are just so important in car dependent suburbia any signage even plain should count as a poi.

    a Point of 'interest' where interest means get out of you car and take this walk/bike ride in this everyday park because you are an everyday person.

    These pathways in parks are so user friendly and empower all members of the family ... the pram pushers, the wheelies, the unsteady to get into the park and walk.

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    Ah. I see. I misunderstood. I thought your question was about rejecting it for a generic title, since your last two statements were about that.

    I don't have input about such paths in general because I've seen from posts here that there's a big difference in what separates generic paths from hiking/cycling trails by county.

  • I agree that the title/description is incorrect. The Crestmead walking/bike path should absolutely be a stop, but the picture shows generic signs. The picture should show a sign saying: Creastmead bike path so that it matches the description. I don't think these signs qualify as a stop along the path unless they are a milemarker, directional sign, or some other interesting thing along the path (and then labeled properly).

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