A tips if you're nominating things where it's impossible to verify its location's accuracy

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If you ever nominate things in forests or areas where you know reviewers will never be able to verify the location's accuracy with the thing/place, this tips could be useful for you as it was something I figured out a while back when nominating things in Pokémon Go. I don't know if anyone else here has shared about it already, but I don't feel like checking if anyone else has shared about it before me.

When you are at "set location" section of nomination submission, the location marker always starts loading up to where you currently are/stand, the device your nominating with that is(not always 100% accurate with where your device currently is, but perhaps 90% accurate. Your in-game character might move a little bit away from the thing's exact location). Therefor, if you stand exactly with your device where what you're nominating is at, the marker will always be at least 90% accurate. I don't know if this tips is useful for Ingress players, it could be, but I don't know.

I hope this tips could be useful for as many players as possible and that players might come back to this post from time to time to learn about this trick, which I think you could call it.


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    I could perhaps have posted this at nomination improvements, which I could agree with. I thought of that right after I posted the trick here. I feel like it could be safe enough to post it here regardless.

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    just take 2 photos, and submit them from home.

    You will find the GeoInformation in the metadata of the photo. This way you will at least get a bit more accurate.

    as i submit alot in forests, i never get accurate results by submitting in Person.

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    Did you understand what I said with the post? Stand with your device where what you're nominating is at and the marker's accuracy will always be at least 90% accurate, when you load up the "set location" section of nomination submission.

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    I have, in the past, also done a few things: either drop a pin on a 3rd-party map location, or create a photosphere and publish it and then look at the location on Google maps. These latter two tips are useful mainly for remote submissions, though, and I agree that using the in-app map pin is good when submitting in place in either of the two games (yes, it holds true for Ingress as well!).

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    I've always said to stand where you want the pin, to initiate the nomination. Do not touch the location map - let it default to where you're standing. Then move back for the picture, etc. Your location's geopositioning will be 100% correct.

    Google maps is not perfect, so it might appear "off" according to Google. If that happens on your approval, go scan it several times. Niantic is moving waypoints to match their scan location. (They said so in their Lightship 2022 conference last month. They claim "accurate within couple inches, 1.15 degrees - actual location, not geopositioning of maps".)

    I have nominated from my home base (on vacation) because my nom was out on a trail where I didn't have coverage. It's great, but not quite as accurate as standing there and letting the pin default.

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    I guess the trick I shared could be useful for the players who doesn't publish any photospheres.

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    Absolutely! I do photospheres mainly to help reviewers verify locations, and don't often use that method to confirm my own location for remote submissions - Google can sometimes take a while to publish that information, after all, and I try to work faster than that!

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    You can actually move around the map, zoom-out and zoom-in as long as you click this button afterwards:

    When you click that button, it teleports your in-game character back to where your device currently is. I think it teleports accordingly with your device's location, at least.

    I believe the geopositioning won't be 100% accurate. Why I think that is the case: I once nominated a map using the trick I mentioned alone to accurately set the location marker. That map got accepted. The map was/is located at the center on a wall of a building. Its pokéstop's location became farthest away on the wall on the building to the right instead, when I checked the location with the PoGo's in-game map to see the pokéstop's accuracy with the map. The map was/is actually located at the center on the wall.

    I don't know if it's true, but perhaps the performance of a person's phone determines how accurate standing close to your nomination with your device and letting the pin automatically set itself it will be.

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