Newbie question: Are government buildings eligible?

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Assuming they meet other criteria, like photo quality and safe access, are government buildings like city halls eligible? I was walking around my neighborhood and realized that the city hall wasn't a pokestop so I submitted but put it on hold, pending the answers that I get here.

If they are eligible as a wayspot then, in what cases, would you still reject them?

Thanks :)


  • PDPower101-PGOPDPower101-PGO Posts: 15 ✭✭ definitely answered part of my question. It's not listed in the "rejection criteria" because it's on a case by case basis.

    I think that I found my answer on the city hall website "The Southwest Office: Your gateway to a variety of activities and services!" so it would potentially fall under all 3 categories, even if tangentially.

    Seems like the answer is yes.

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    That doesn’t sound like a definitive yes to me, based on that. By all means, nominate it, but remember you’ll have to sell how it meets those.

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    Guess that I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Still looking to get my first pokestop submission accepted into the game and I have some much better bets like the local comic book store. If this one gets accepted then it's a bonus...

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    Just remember you’re nominating a Wayspot, not a PokéStop and depending on the Wayspots already on the map, your new nominations may not appear on Pokémon GO

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    @PDPower101-PGO if you do not know about how waypoints are selected for inclusion in the game. If you don’t know about S2 cells then Google that alongside Pokémon Go to find out or you may get frustrated.

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    I'd be happy if it became a wayspot but more connected to it, if it became a pokestop, since I play Pokemon Go. I'm hoping to improve the game play of all the local trainers that I play with and my own too :)

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    A City Hall/Town Hall is, by design and definition, a public place for community members to gather, and should be a near-automatic approval. That said, many municipalities (at least in the US) put local emergency services in the same building with local government business, so it may meet rejection criteria, which overrides other eligibility.

    Government buildings in general - such as DMVs, public utilities, etc - will not meet criteria.

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    They are places to gather, but I wouldn't say your typical US town hall is a great place to socialize or explore. Socialize is more than just gathering for hearings and such. There are definitely some countries, and maybe even areas in the US, where they also host community activities that encourage socializing or exercise, but I would definitely not say all are a great place to socialize by definition.

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