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missing rejection reasons.

BitKloepplerin-INGBitKloepplerin-ING Posts: 92 ✭✭✭

Yesterday: one of my submissions went into niantic voting (not via appeal).

Today: I've got the rejection mail and in wayfarer that submission is marked as rejected.


"Thank you for your Wayspot nomination Neerhof von Holderbergk on Apr 17, 2022!

Unfortunately, the community has decided not to accept your Wayspot nomination.

Please check out the full details in your Contribution Management page."

(1) it was not the community. NIANTIC has decided.

in wayfarer

"not accepted"

(2) After rejections by the community I can see why the community rejected my nomination.

After rejections of an appeal I can see why niantic rejected my appeal. And same hints what I can improve.

This nomination has just been rejected.


The rejected nomination is a headstone next the entrance of our cemetary.

The oldest gravestone from the year 1635, not even a grave.

It would be helpful to know why a nearly 400 year old headstone doesn't meet any criteria.

Even when that old headstone is standing next to the church next to the entrance of the graveyard.

3 votes

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