Removed POI

Title of the wayspot: Dos gatitos

Location: -33.47717, -70.719977

City: Cerrillos

Country: Chile.

Portal was reported and removed. I am property's owner (i can send the property titles by a private way if it required), did not made any request for this action. Mural exists, is visible on the picture, and anyone can access to it.

I request POI's restoration.

In our country this format of portals (not only this POI) is common, and require lots of material, time and authorization (or at least knowledge) by the property owner.

360 photosphere's link:,-70.7200366,3a,75y,180h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipODXZkfNruag1gI-g16cI0ZXNKHVqt1LXksQz9K!2e10!3e12!7i8192!8i4096



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    @NianticSC hi. Could You please Review this. Tvm

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    If the Waypoint was either of the 2 murals, they would appear to be on the wall of a Private Residential Property. Reading your OP, I assume they are on the wall of your property. Unfortunately, murals on the wall of a PRP like this are classed as "Invalid" by Niantic and will be removed if reported. It does not matter if the property owner says "Yes" or not, Niantic do not allow Waypoints like this.

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    In our country this format of portals (not only this POI) is common, and require lots of material, time and authorization (or at least knowledge) by the property owner.

    That doesn't make them valid. Sadly those should not exist. People accept them in here but they will get removed as soon as someone reports them because they are not allowed.

    Also note that if they don't restore it and u send this again and someone reports it (again) , they can take away your wayfarer privileges cause I believe resending these non valid nominations is considered abuse.

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    The beauty of the construction is that it is only the surrounding wall and not the house itself. I have the architect's plans to corroborate this.

    We have already seen situations like the current one where the waypoint is being restored.

    Nia rejects these murals because of the inconvenience to the owners, but there is no inconvenience here. Even the neighbors have asked for more interventions. Besides, as players we all know how practically impossible it is to erase a mural in a private compound or company, let alone a military land, where they demand that the owners of the companies or base generals remove the waypoints.

    Here we have a mural on the flush wall of the courtyard property. Just like this mural, here is a case where a waypoint was restored:

    And of course, I will not fail to mention that the waypoint was removed due to in-game grudges. The idea is to play and have fun. Not to go around deleting waypoints.

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    We need an answer.

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    I see that more than 3 months have passed and we have no response to a claim from a resistance agent. But for the claim of an enlightened agent they were very fast and took days. Where is the equal conditions? Today they have deleted another portal at the rank of another resistance agent for the second time. Same situation.

    Here the data.

    Portal name: Rap Mural H

    Coordinates: (-33450180 , -70733168)

    The owners do not report, only the agents of the opposing faction. Let's stop the fights. In pokemon little more is asked to send documents verifying ownership of the land, but in ingress we are deleting to the detriment of a few players.

    We need equals conditions en both games. It is too easy harassment with edition and request to delete portal.

    We have too many examples all over the world

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    Today 3 more portals have been deleted

    Mural Neyun,-70.71951&z=15&pll=-33.475713,-70.71951

    Chica Eléctrica,-70.723123&z=15&pll=-33.476701,-70.723123

    Mural Lo Errázuriz,-70.722864&z=15&pll=-33.475532,-70.722864

    These 3 new portals were removed today. The one that started this publication is mentioned again and another one that had not been mentioned but was removed the same day as Dos Gatitos is added.

    Dos Gatitos,-70.719977&z=15&pll=-33.47717,-70.719977

    Chinita Amanda 20,-70.720016&z=15&pll=-33.477378,-70.720016

    All these portals are removed by ENL players. The harassment with the complaints that are accepted. Then they request to restore a portal and it is accepted quickly and here they don't respond for months. This area is highly active Pokémon players and they harm them. We are only 3 Ingress players, and because ENL players don't play or let play they scare away Pokémon players who see their waypoints disappear.

    Here is the post of the ENL player

    Mural Onix in the same condition as all the previous ones exposed and that have been deleted harassing the players of this zone of Cerrillos.

    They are house murals that the owner does not ask to remove, and that meet the same criteria as the player of the post mentioned requested Niantic to restore the mural Onix,-70.778218&z=15&pll=-33.500557,-70.778218. because they restore this mural and not the others?

    I have a list of 6 more portal deleted in this area. Stop the harassment.

    Tirana espacial

    Mural Perrita Ema Goldman

    Graffiti Las Flores


    El diablo

    La Pitufialdea


    I have submitted the post of a player who received the restoration of a mural in a house. I request to restore the removed murals that have been listed and additionally block the cell for removal.

  • Hey @Misita23-ING! We gave this another look and stand by our decision as it was correctly removed. Thanks!

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    The only reason for the appeal to this portal is because you, yourself returned this other mural.

    Returning one or the other is not favoritism.

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    I don't understand why this mural is not returned if it has the same characteristics as the one in the post here.

    Business in front, boundary wall of the house, not on the house itself, and it has the owners permissions.

    Why can the Onix Mural exist and Dos Gatitos cannot?

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    You can see the house behind that wall. Just like in the case of Dos Gatitos

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    Aquí pueden ver el ejemplo del acoso del agente.

    Estoy Reclamando lo justo. A él se le devolvió su mural en casa, es justo que comencemos a regresar los murales que cuentan con autorización y permiso de los dueños.

    Cuál es el criterio para devolver un mural en pared de casa a algunos y a otros no?

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