The good, the bad, the ugly and the unimaginable about the result from my first pokestop submission

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The (very) good - I nominated the pokestop on Jul. 10th and I already have the result. I have 5 others in queue for as much as 6 weeks and that really isn't much considering that some take a year or more. I also feel great that my reviews contributed to 27 nominations being accepted which can improve some people's gameplay.

The bad - it was rejected (I understand that not all submissions will be accepted. It was more so disappointing). I think that it should (or could) be a wayspot so I'm simply going to resubmit. Should I also appeal it?

The ugly - The feedback, as to why it was rejected, is hard to find

The unimaginable - The fact that there may be no feedback at all

I'm new to wayfarer and pokestop submissions and I think that I know what I'm doing based on the fact that I follow the criteria when I review and submit. The problem, though, with the entire Wayfarer system, is that you get no feedback. I have done 100 reviews and have 42 agreements. Among the pending reviews, there is no way for me to know which have been resolved and which rejected. Did I miss duplications? Did I misunderstand a criteria? I'm ok with simply having different opinions than other reviewers (ie they "grade" tougher) but how do I know that I'm not missing something?

I have to admit that I'm a little salty about the rejection. I'm human and can't help it :) but this post is intended to be critical / constructive and not a complaint. There has to be a feedback system and my suggestion is to use an existing system(s) to provide feedback. If you get a 1* then that feedback should be passed along directly such as private residence, photo quality, etc. Otherwise, you can relay the "additional comments" on the review of one or two of the reviewers with a "great" wayfinder rating.



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