Do accepted POIs appear later ingame if criteria are met?

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I tend to submit all possible POIs even if those might be too close to an existing POI right now to be considered ingame (Ingress). But it appears quite often that POIs are not set on the right location (which I of course try to change with a location edit) but on the location or too close to the location of another potential new POI.

So my question is: Do accepted POIs, which right now do not appear ingame because being too close to another existing POI, appear later on if the POI which is currently too close gets removed or re-positioned to its actual position?



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    Yes they’re in the Lightship database so if they meet the inclusion rules they can appear. This is why you will often see Pokémon GO Players make edit locations to Wayspots that are Ingress only to “reveal a hidden Wayspot”.

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    Yes, but only for nominations resolved after the Lightship database was formed (less than a year ago).

    IOW If you had a nomination approved in 2020, but it didn't show up in any game - it is not on the Lightship database. Therefore, if something nearby is moved or deleted, it will not appear.

    Another way Niantic might use these hidden wayspots: for special events. For example, if there's a Community Day in a park, Niantic might activate wayspots that aren't usually seen, just for the weekend.

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    What has happened to the pre-Lightship ones, then? Are they just gone forever?

    I just checked Intel on a couple accepted nominations I never got the chance to follow up on IRL. This mural I nominated on April 10, 2021, and it was upgraded, so approved within a week. I pinned it as far as possible from the next closest wayspot while still being true to its location, but I guess it must not have been far enough.

    I see now on Intel that someone later got their own nomination of this same mural through (so my approved one never appeared on the duplicate list?) by pinning it on the wrong side of the street. Their photo is low quality, and they did not use the proper title of the mural. And since this is in the same cell as something that predates it, I can't even submit edits for it.

    Honestly, if my nomination was accepted and then immediately deleted, this is more annoying than random rejection reasons...

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    Right. Before Lightship, accepted wayspots that didn't appear on Intel, were not retained. (At that time, the Ingress map was the comprehensive map.)

    You can (a) get an Ingress friend to edit it, or (b) get yourself to a level where you can edit it. You can't appeal it (to add your picture to the one that came live) because it was accepted. But you can upload your picture, if you do a or b above.

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    Bold of you to think I have friends. 🤣 Maybe I'll ask on comms, though the comms isn't terribly active in my area.

    I don't think the time required to level up is reasonable just to edit one wayspot, especially since I already put in the effort to make a high-quality wayspot that was thrown away.

    As you can see, there are 3 wayspots in that cell. If the oldest gets removed, will the next oldest become a PokeStop? (I believe the fountain is no longer there as I'm not seeing it on street view, but I would have to go in person to confirm.)

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    If you move one, that cell is “redone”. It’s not always the same Wayspot that stays as a PokéStop.

    I recently moved a cafe and the noticeboard became a PokéStop, and the cafe is now only on Ingress. Nothing moved cells

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